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B2B Prospecting with Online Courses

One of the most profitable ways to make money through an online course or eCourse. To get subscribers to your newsletter and to convert those leads to sales, you can offer free, live online webinars or free downloads of ebooks, white pages, or other incentives to get potential B2B customers ready to buy. 

Start Your Online Course

Now that you’ve thought about turning your expertise into a profitable online course, good for you! Online courses are one of the best ways to channel prospects into a high-margin sale. By using automated marketing tools to perform these sales, you can increase your conversion rate without increasing your workload.

  • Deciding what to teach – When teaching a class, for example about a marketing automation tool, it’s a good idea to teach something that you’re passionate about or one that you have some expertise. 
  • Determine your target audience – Everyone is looking for that one road map that will help them grow their business to the next level. Whether it’s an individual or business, they want to find the solutions, benefits, and results that an online course can offer to them.  The result promised by your online course should be clearly outlined so that your customer makes a clear buying decision.

    Try to create a name for your online course that addresses the desired end-result.  For example, if the result is for your customers to increase sales conversions. A course title like “Make your first $5,000 in sales in less than a week” will get much better results than “How to Increase Sales for your Business,” for example.

  • Determine Your Demographic – Do you want to offer your product to a specific interest or group of people?  Is your ideal customer someone who is running their own business, and online entrepreneurs or other professionals?  Now is the time to ask yourself what kind of customer you want to attract to your course.

    Create an outline of subjects and topics which offers value to your potential customer – Some of the best online course ideas  may include:

    • Transitioning to a new career
    • Taking your career to the next level
    • Increasing productivity and creativity easily and in less time
    • Learning a new technology such as AI and being able to implement and use it quickly and effectively.
    • Increased security for home or business.
    • Increasing sales and conversion rates with proven sales processes or templates.
  • Pricing – With pricing, you can change the rules to meet your needs.  You may find that a higher price for the valuable information you offer and get better results.  Some buyers will give a much more favorable reaction if you set a higher rate than if you provide it for less.  You can always see what the market will bear.

    If you don’t get the desired response, you can always change your price or make offers that will entice buyers into the sales funnel. For example, you may offer content for 30 days for free and then provide additional content or special offer at a price that you set. 

Automating Every Aspect of Your Online Course 

Selling an online course can be challenging.  Building trust and showing why a potential customer should trust you is crucial.  When you offer something of value such as a free informational webinar, email newsletter, eBook, or report, which includes actionable information that the buyer will find valuable to them. 

During the initial sign-up, you can survey subscribers to find out what they are most interested in and personalize their entire experience during and after the course. There are several email follow-up tools available that can automate tasks such as keeping track of your email contacts. You can create a quick sign-up form that enables them to enter not only their email address but also their name and specific areas of interest. 

A modern email follow up automation tool, for example, allows you to send a personalized welcome email regarding your online course and additional related product offerings to keep you in front of and in the minds of potential customers. By targeting your market, you can also build trust to the degree that current and past customers will put out the word about what you offer.

Follow Up Fred

Follow up tools can help free up your sales and marketing teams to come up with additional content and campaigns and focus on real sales initiatives that both potential and current customers will respond to and further increase your sales.

Follow Up Sequence for Sales Emails

Automation That Can Grow Your Business and Increase Online Course Sales 

Your email list is one of the most valuable and powerful assets you have for marketing your online course, closing sales, and growing your business. Build your email list by creating a lead magnet that will get potential customers to give you their email address. 

By giving them genuine value in your free content will make them more likely to provide you with their email information to provide them with even more of what you offer and lead them through the sales funnel and to a higher conversion rate by:

  • Success stories of others who have purchased your course and the results they have received through taking it.
  • Clearly outlining the course outcomes that your potential buyer can expect when they take your online course. 
  • Special pricing, events, or other offers that can further incentivize them into making a purchasing decision.

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Follow Up Fred is a chrome extension that will automate sending a reminder email to someone who does not reply to you. All you have to do is turn it on and let Follow Up Fred do all the hard work for you and once someone follows up then you reply and are one step closer to a sale. 

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