10 Social Media Habits for B2B Marketing

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In August, Softchoice sent a survey to their customers and received 1,444 completed responses representing more than 1,200 small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), enterprise, public sector and educational organizations. 71% of respondents were in IT and the sample was basically 50 percent U.S. and 50 percent Canadian organizations – so very representative of the North American business landscape.

One aspect of the presentation that should scream out is the Wordle representation of the remarks: Relevant and timely content that needs to capture interest and be written concisely!

Here are some additional insights from the findings:

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    Doug, this was a useful slide summary and video update on Softchoice’s research (although I did feel a bit ‘bricked in’ by their choice of surroundings lol)

    Sometimes I really wonder how many large companies allow access to FB and Twitter from the desktops / laptops of employees. There are various security issues, reputational risks and productivity trade offs to make in doing so. Perhaps that’s driving the increasing uptake of smart phones to access these tools, when they’re not locked down by ‘traditional’ corporate Internet firewalls?

    From the slideshare summary I picked out tip #8 as speaking very clearly to the often product-oriented worldviews of b2b tech marketers. The seven responses quoted refer to marketing messages delivered by email, but could also be applied to almost any other content marketing form that helps educate and nurture a possible business relationship with a real, live human being. Remember those!

    As smart phones (and tablets) proliferate in the corporate world, it looks like short, engaging “infographic” pieces might become a preferred way to attract eyeballs and eardrums to a more measured and detailed information exchange e.g. webinars and supporting written content.

    Lots to think about. Thanks for sharing.

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