Business Buyers are Different!

Business to Business BuyersCopywriter Bob Bly has provided a list of reasons why marketing to businesses is very different from consumers. I’ve written about intent in past posts, and I believe this is a great example. The intent of a business buyer is unique when compared to consumers:

  1. The business buyer wants to buy.
  2. The business buyer is sophisticated.
  3. The business buyer will read a lot of copy.
  4. A multi-step buying process.
  5. Multiple buying influences.
  6. Business products are more complex.
  7. The business buyer buys for his company’s benefit?and his own.

Mr. Bly goes into great detail on each of these and really expands on the fears and motivations of the business user! Avoiding stress or hardship, fear of the unknown and fear of loss of ownership in the process are key factors to keep in mind in the marketing and sales process.

If you have a few minutes, be sure to read the entire article on the 7 Differences Between B2C and B2B Buyers, The Rules and the People are Much Different. It may help you rethink your strategies!


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    Our clients are exclusively B2B technology companies but we face challenges when selling our services, just like any other company, whether they’re in the B2B or B2C realms. This list contains excellent points for us to keep in mind should we be feeling frustrated during the business development process; our prospects are different than individual consumers, a point we well know but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of every now and again. I look forward to reading the full article – thanks for pointing it out.

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