Identifying B2B Visitors on your WordPress Blog

A couple weeks ago, the great folks at Visual Blaze provided me with a demonstration of a new product they were building called NameTag. The tool is fantastic, providing in-depth details of the businesses who are visiting your site and providing the pages they’ve been on, how they were referred, as well as any keywords they may have searched for when arriving to your site.

Immediately, I asked John Nichols if we could partner with them and develop a NameTag WordPress Plugin and he, thankfully, agreed! We completed the first version of the plugin today and registered it with the WordPress repository earlier this morning. Utilizing their API, the plugin allows you to view the latest 25 visitors to your site directly from a dashboard within your WordPress blog!

NameTag WordPress

The plugin isn’t a replacement for the toolset that VBTools offers within the NameTag application interface. Within the NameTag application, you can query your date ranges and output the file in several filetypes. The plugin is merely used to add the tracking code to WordPress as well as provide a dashboard that you can view once when you’re in updating your site.

The NameTag service is also incredibly affordable – under $30 per month. That’s a heck of a price for such a useful B2B lead acquisition tool. Congratulations to John for the great product and the great price. We also appreciate the opportunity to develop the integration for your product into WordPress! Of course, we’ve included our affiliate links within the plugin that’s freely distributed as well as within this blog post.

To install the plugin, simply search for “NameTag” within your WordPress plugins page, add and install it. The plugin will then provide you with a link to register the service and access your information. Happy hunting!

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