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Where are Parents and Students Spending for Back to School and College in 2014?

Back to School and Back to College events are a huge opportunity to drive a lot of sales via retail and ecommerce. It’s a great opportunity for marketers to schedule offers via online promotions and emails to parents, businesses and students preparing to return for the school year.

Deloitte’s seventh annual Back-to-School Survey and its second annual Back-to-College Survey, conducted July 5-10, 2014, reveal the latest trends likely to impact spending for parents with children in grades K-12 and college. These insights can serve as a valuable resource in offering retailers guidance for making promotion decisions that could send them to the head of the class.

Here are some stills of the Deloitte findings – click through to download the PDF.



It’s not just school supplies that students are making purchases of, surveyed spenders and also have some intriguing findings:

  • Families are expecting to spend an average of $328.87 US.
  • Clothing and shoes are the most popular purchases, followed by electronics and school supplies.
  • Almost a third of all spending will happen online, while 69.2% is spent in the store.

Here’s’s findings from their Back to School Survey. It’s targeted towards the spenders, not the marketers:

Father's Day 2013 Infographic - Sharp Dressed Man

And the National Retail Foundation compiled a single infographic based on Prosper Insights & Analytics.


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