5 Strategies to Drive More Back To School Sales in 2019

Back to School Statistics for 2019

Back-to-School is the second biggest shopping season of the year and the digital world has become an integral part of the customer's path-to-purchase. 

Back to School Spending

This infographic from The Shelf, All the Stats You Need to Rock Your Back-to-School Campaign, reveals 5 strategies that marketers can capitalize on back-to-school shopping:

  1. Time-pressed parents rely on social and mobile for purchasing decisions, so be sure to personalize and schedule some great offers.
  2. Think about running a New Beginnings campaign to tap into the emotions parents feel about their kids starting at a new school or college.
  3. Ask brand advocates and influencers to incorporate your products into a post that they're already working on.
  4. Partner with Mommy Bloggers to help you get in front of buyers and provide you with user-generated content.
  5. Parents with multiple children are especially looking for ways to save, so pair your products and group your targets into affordable packages.

Here's the full infographic with some amazing new data for 2019 retailers and e-commerce companies:

Back to School Ecommerce Statistics for 2019

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