Failed Customer Experiences Are Destroying Your Marketing

customer experience SDL survey

SDL performed a survey to explore where the single or most prominent points of customer experience (CX) failure and success happen with customers and the impacts to the business.

Perhaps the scariest result of this survey is that SDL found that many users that suffered from a bad customer experience actively tried to disparage the company every chance they could by word-of-mouth and that includes social media and other online publishing channels.

Yikes… in a connected world, customer experience failures are impacting your marketing efforts. Bad news travels fast and these incidents could overshadow any good strategies you’re deploying online.

Key findings in the infographic include

  • Horrible CX failures typically require less than an hour’s time and cost less than lunch to navigate.
  • Whether it is warranted or not, four of five blame people for CX failures.
  • 21% of major CX failures happen before a customer even buys.
  • 27% of young millennials will not try to resolve the failure, as compared to 13% of baby boomers.
  • More than 40% of consumers’ worst CX experiences have occurred in digital industries (i.e. communications, electronics and online retail).

So that’s pretty startling. In other words, many CX failures that are severely hampering companies can be identified before they ever reach a customer, can be corrected with minimal effort, many customers will abandon the company altogether – and technology is often the epicenter of poor customer experience.

Customer Experience CX Failures

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