Ballparker: Create Estimates with Ease


The sales enablement sector is exploding in growth, with more and more companies recognizing that the job of sales has changed quite a bit over the years. By the time the prospect gets to you, they’ve researched you and your competitors online, understand your strengths and weaknesses and simply want to get down to a proposal.

One sector of the sales enablement technology sector is to help businesses easily build and distribute estimates, quotes, proposals and responses to RFPs (request for proposals). There are a growing number of solutions out there, from enterprise desktop solutions that integrate with Word, through to branded proposal solutions with esignature and discussion capabilities, down to lightweight solutions for developing estimates.

Founder David Calvert has worked in the agency industry for over a decade and spotted a gap in the market for Ballparker. Ballparker is a nice clean platform, specifically designed to make the process of estimating for prospective jobs fast and simple. This is achieved by making the platform suitable for all mobile devices and desktop computers. The platform is always available via the cloud, allowing any person tasked with creating estimates to do it whilst on site, away from the office or back at their desk.

Once the estimate has been produced it could either be emailed instantly from a mobile device or left until the person is back in the office. Ballparker also features a reporting tool that can make comparisons against other companies in the same sectors or locations, so users can see how well they are performing against other similar companies that also use the system.

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