Who Looks at Banner Ads

who looks at banner ads

I’m not opposed to banner ads, but I am opposed to not having banner advertising that provides a strong call to action (CTA) adjacent to relevant content presented to a relevant audience. Too many times, I visit a web site and see a banner ad that has nothing to do with the content surrounding it. A banner ad best performs when it’s a CTA to a destination for someone who has landed on a site and hopes to engage further.

Banner ads first appeared on the web in 1994 and since then they have been used extensively over the Internet. They are made to be eye catching and impressive so that they create an urge in the visitors to click into their business. But, their mass production and misuse has caused viewers to be skeptical and unresponsive to them. After 8 years, do people still fall for this attractive ad?

This infographic from Prestige Marketing, Who Looks at Banner Ads, provides some insight to that question.

Banner Ad Infographic

What do you think?

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