Is Obama the Next Vista?

microsoft vista

It's the night before the 2008 election and I'm still not enthusiastic about tomorrow's choices. I can't help but wondering if Barack Obama is simply a redo of Vista:

  • obama vistaHuge marketing budget.
  • Hyped for change.
  • Promises of greater stability.
  • Improved security.
  • Complete compatibility.
  • A little more expensive.

The media and pundits are calling it a win for Obama already. In a few months, I wonder if America will be wishing for a downgrade, or even the opportunity to switch to a Mac. (McCain, that is).


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    OpenMinded has some good points. Calling him a nut just because you dont agree is really a sign of ignorance. I saw you delete his response but it was justified. Having been a reader here for two years Douglass, I’ve learned a little more about you and how you choose to censor your comments. Its okay for you to leave other people comments that agree only with yours but remove those that don’t and chide them as a result?

    Your not a very good host Douglass and I’ll be reading less of your blog in the future. Sorry.

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      Hi Nick,

      Actually, I didn’t disagree with OpenMindedNut’s points at all. In fact, I agreed with all of them except for his personal attack that this was an ‘immature’ post. As well, I didn’t call him a Nut. He called himself a Nut. His second personal attack on me resulted in me taking down the chain of comments. Please read the comment policy, it’s not changed for many, many months.

      I would hate to lose you as a reader, but understand that I opened myself up for folks to go on the attack. I take some of the responsibility.


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        I dont buy that Douglass. You chose to make some sort of mockery based on a username. “Nut” can mean many things. It may not be what YOU thought it meant. Face it, you made a terribly bad mistake here on poor judgement. The content of his post had more substance than your blog post.

        My father lost his job yesterday of 32 years at the plant. Unemployment is rising in this country. Instead of mocking and complaining about the situation why not provide solutions? Your a marketing guy like the rest of us. Complaining is a disease in this country. Besides, you put it out there that you felt Obama is not good for this country – you started this post. Many of your readers have read it along with your comment and subsequent removal of someone’s opinion.

        Perhaps the person felt your post was immature because of the present situation and that mocking or complaining about “whats to come” was a sign of immatureness. It can be read different ways.

        Now is not a good time to making jokes about the elections. There are people out there losing their jobs and homes you know? You may be set in your life and stable but think of the other 60% of this country, if not the world that is suffering due to the last 2 months of economic fallout.

        I really think you let your ego get in the way of this and failed to read between the lines.

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          You give OpenMindedNut the benefit of the doubt. I wish that you’d provide me the same benefit. If you’d like to discuss politics offline with me, I’m sure you’ll find my view quite different than how it’s being painted here in this post.

          It’s a very, very sad day in this country that someone can’t question one side or the other without people getting mean, angry and confrontational. Very sad, indeed.


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    Wow I just read your response to OpenMinded. That was pretty low response you gave him and removing his comment was even worse. I wont be reading your blog anymore.

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      Sorry to hear that Trisha (seriously). I didn’t want this comment thread to turn into a left bashing or right bashing partisan crap that the rest of the Internet turned into.

      OpenMindedNut’s nickname is ‘OpenMinded’ and ‘Nut’. I didn’t make the nickname, he did. I simply reminded him of that. As well, his personal attack on the post as ‘immature’ violated the comment policy. His next attack was even more vile.


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      Our conversations have always confirmed to me that you are a independent not republican or democrat. Unfortunately you chose to make a humorous analogy about the democrats. You should know by now they are the “sensitive” party and they are showing it in their response. Folks- have a little appreciation for playful humor!

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    And also, I would argue that the switch from Vista to XP would be considered an upgrade… just my 2 cents. 🙂

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    I saw that comment to by OpenMindedNut. I think it was a good post. Douglass, this isn’t a time to joke about politics. People here in the US and internationally are getting hurt financially, losing their jobs, their homes.

    Frankly, I didnt find anything wrong in his assessment. He had some very valid points. Why did you remove it? His attack was likely due to your attack on him, calling him a nut. That was a poor response from you.

    Seeing that he put in some thought in his comment and it wasn’t a one liner, why did you snuff him out? Sorry Douglass but I disagree with you here. Playing the role of a victim and calling it “vile” is a sign of you trying to cover up your own views.

    As such, if readers of your blog feel they cannot express themselves without you calling them names, then there really is no reason for many of us to contribute here.

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      Hi Jeremy,

      You make very valid points. By no means did I mean to censor OpenMindedNut (Nut WAS in his name). I do appreciate respectful banter here and hope you stick around.


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    I saw the comment exchange… what was so bad about it to remove the post? Arent you being too sensitive?

    Its well known blog etiquette that when you put something out there like this, to expect responses that may not be in agreement with you. But removing it, is very poor and says you have something to hide. If you cannot take criticism (and frankly you started it), then you should not be writing. Your censoring your readers and your sensitivity says a lot about you.

    Everything OpenMindedNut wrote about is pretty much fact. Bush’s approval rating is the lowest in history. Maybe you should Google that. Most of the country is not liking the guy and cant wait for him to get out. We want to see change. Unemployment is also rising to decade highs. Are you not paying attention? Or are you just out of the loop with your head under a rock hoping for things to change?

    I’m Republican. And I made a big mistake voting Bush in for a second term. Not giving Obama a chance and writing him off in your post is UNAMERICAN. Maybe thats why OpenMindedNut used the word “immature”? I believe you also took the wrong connotation from the word ‘nut’. These days its hip to call someone nut because they are “in the know”/expert at their field.

    To save face, you should put that comment up again and let people read it. Its true and sometimes the truth hurts. We are all Americans, maybe we should start acting like it?

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    Yikes! Not a time to joke about politics? Are you turning off the TV everytime SNL broadcasts one of their skits? Doug merely shared an opinion of his uncertainty about the elections tomorrow. I have no idea what OpenMinded said, but I know Doug pretty well and don’t imagine him ever censoring someone’s comment because of disagreement of opinion. The comment policy is posted and Doug enforced it. If you disagree with Doug, stop reading. Go somewhere else, but how is that any different that what you’re condemning him for yourself. You’re deciding to censor your own exposure to someone that disagrees with you. My opinion is that everyone has freedom of speech in this country, that doesn’t mean they have the right to be heard or that I or anyone else has to give them a platform. I believe Doug’s post was to be lighthearted. People need to relax and lighten up a bit.

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    Let me get this right… so thus far I’m immature, fat and need to go on a diet, dumb, weak-minded, a Bush lover, an Obama hater, UNAMERICAN, Censoring people, insulting, not empathetic to those who’ve lost their jobs, I’m making a joke out of politics… and I’m set in my life and stable.

    All because I wonder whether or not Obama is the real deal, or he’s just blowing smoke up my butt like every other politician I’ve ever voted for or against.

    Wow, you guys really know me well!

    • 17

      You readers saw what you did Douglass – censorship. The post wasn’t bad at all. You made it bad it to look bad because it wasn’t in agreement. You are wayyyyyyyyy to sensitive!

      This latest post is pretty pathetic and reads like you are attempting to deflect guilt away from oneself in jest. Sorry but this is pretty lame!

      • 18

        You’re absolutely right! OMG! Take a look at this page of comments – I’ve definitely CENSORED it to put me in a much better light. I’ve definitely removed all the opinions I didn’t agree with.

        Nice try.

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    Wait — the black guy with style and charm is Vista, and the crusty old vet is a Mac? Wow, that’s the most backward analogy I’ve ever heard.

  12. 22

    BEFORE I SAY THIS: I am not a McCain supporter nor an Obama supporter.

    Note: Congressional approval ratings are worse than Bush’s approval ratings right now… What happened two years ago when people were jumping up and down about the shift of power in congress? And what would have happened if John Kerry were president? Would Democrats even have a chance at the White House?

    One man is not responsible for the downward slope of the world! Sure he made some decisions that had impacts, but the majority of what our country is going through can be clearly correlated with the disgusting abuse of power and encroachment on people by the Federal Government as a whole.

    Even if people disagree with what was said by both parties, it was said that OpenMindedNut violated the comment policy. A blogger has the right to censor whatever and whomever (s)he wishes. After all, who owns the website?

    Dad, I’m not very excited about tomorrow, either. I always was excited as a kid about the idea of one day being able to vote… and with this being the first presidential election I can vote in… the whole sight is vile and disappointing. As was said in the book Attention Deficit Democracy… it’s sad to witness a bunch of sheep choosing their next Sheppard in Chief… whether it be a red one or a blue one.

    • 23

      Your missing the point. OpenMindedNut didnt violate any comment policy. As far as I am concerned, he was well within it. Douglass totally misinterpreted it and chose to squash it because it didnt agree with his political beliefs. There was nothing in the post that wasn’t invalid. OpenMindedNut said “immature”, is that so bad? Douglass overracted and is a sensitive person. But that is not a reason to delete the post is it?

      Most of the people here saw it Yet Douglass continues to defend himself as if he’s the victim. Its really pathetic and sad if you ask me.

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    The switch from Vista to XP is an upgrade, OUCH!! (Well put though.)

    On to our next president, Barack Obama. I was skeptical of Obama until the end of the summer.

    Like a lot of hugely successful entrepreneurs, Barack Obama, on paper, would not appear to be someone that could hit a home run. Though he lacks experience, he looks like he could be a good CEO, calm, even keeled, logical — with a vision. AND, the man has shown that he can execute.

    Like him or not, Obama had a huge, huge plan and vision and executed it pretty close to perfectly all across the country over the course of 2 years. That is no small feat for a chief executive officer.

    Obama has reinvented campaigning for political office in the United States. As a brand, he has resonated and gotten traction with voters like nothing that I have seen in my lifetime. Obama’s ability to raise huge sums of money from individual, small contributors, online is astounding. That is authenticity and no gimmick.

    Obama went from unknown 2 years ago to the only super power in US politics. If he were an entrepreneur, VC companies would be begging to get on his schedule and most of us would be anticipating his IPO.

    Obama has been a nice guy along the way too. That has served him well.

    If he governs from the middle, I think that he will be a successful president.

    • 26

      Hi Michael,

      I absolutely respect what the Obama campaign has done and have talked about it with some ‘awe’ on his campaign’s use of the Internet and marketing prowess. I agree – like him or not – he’s changed the way politics is run in this country.

      My only point at this was to throw some levity (perhaps a bad decision) at the fact that we really don’t know what he’ll do. He’s made a lot of great promises, but in each of the 5 elections I’ve voted in, I’ve never seen a president do what he promised.


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    Hey Doug,

    Sorry you’re getting all this flack. As far as I’m concerned I love reading your blog, and hanging w/ you at the Bean Cup.

    I remember once I had a comment removed from the CNET forums and I was pretty mad about it because I thought I had made a substantive comment. But at the end of the day it’s just a comment on a website.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. And if anyone doesn’t like it; they can take a long walk off a short pier.

  16. 30

    My word talk about people over reacting. Doug I enjoy your blog and thought that your Vista analogy was very witty. It’s your right to censor comments and if Trish doesn’t like it I suggest she does what she threatened to do and stops reading. For some reason she cant stop coming back….

    I do have an opinion that I would like to share though…

    I am an Obama supporter but still posted your blog on my Facebook profile simply because, not only is it humorous, but no one can deny that there is a risk that Obama will not live up to the hype if he enters the White House. I could tell you all that I am one of the best basketball players in the world. I could tell you over and over again but how would you ever know unless you saw me walk out onto an NBA court and actually play.

    Not even Obama himself can know for 100% whether he is ready as he has never done it before and actually he has such little experience it is a big risk. Does that mean we should not support him? No it does not, on the balance of doubt I think he will make a great president but if you asked me to bet my house on it well that’s a different question.

    That’s why in all western democracy we have separation of state and party politics, it makes it very difficult for any one person to screw things up. I hope with all my heart that Obama does live up to his own rhetoric but one thing is for certain in my mind, he will do a damn sight better job than Bush or McCain. I have come to this conclusion not because I am excited about “Change” but because I believe after analysing each policy that Obama is more likely to make a positive socio-economic impact

    Thats my opinion!! Please direct all hatemail to my personal email

    • 31

      Thanks, Shane. I’m glad one Obama supporter recognized the post for the intent it was written. I was in no way trying to disparage the work that he’s accomplished.

    • 32

      I think this is the most sane and well thought out comment that I?ve read regarding the whole ?doubting Obama? debate. the truth is, no one knows what he?ll do, on either side. it remains to be seen?..which, I believe, was Doug?s point. Anyone reading this blog for any amount of time can see that Doug has a dry sense of humor. As far as this being the right time to joke about anything? If you can?t laugh about life and tough times, then I feel sorry for you. Laughter makes everything better. Laughter really IS the best medicine. Just b/c we laugh about something, does mean that you take it lightly. I know this to be true about my friend, Doug, even though I often disagree with him, politically speaking. 🙂

  17. 33

    When being critical with others (comparing Obama with VISTA is just a bad joke that could be also applied to McCain) you should be aware that others may be critical with you.
    If you cannot stand it, don’t critisize!
    Censorship is a bad thing!!!

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    In response to your post:

    The big difference is that voters are not being asked to put all of their existing data and applications at risk, to spend money on an upgrade or to learn a new operating system. In fact, they are being promised a tax rebate if they will only flip a certain switch. Microsoft (or any technology provider) should have it so good.

    In response to comments about OpenMindedNut:

    I never saw his post and have no comment except to say that on my blog, I decide what posts stay and what posts don’t. I own it, just like you own yours. Run it as you see fit. I’ll read it or not as I see fit, just like your other readers.

    In response to now not being the time for whatever:

    I’m an American. I don’t let other people tell me when it’s the right time to exercise my free speech.

    Keep up the good work, Douglas.

  20. 36

    I chuckled at this… I realized it for what it was.
    Although if I was offended by this, it was more because of what you were saying about Vista!! I can take political jokes, but technology jokes? come on! 😉

  21. 37

    I’ve read your blog for the past two years and frankly I’m appalled at what you wrote. Censoring a fellow reader just because he called your post immature is ridiculous.

    What did you expect from your post? This isn’t some Mac vs. PC parody. Its an attempt at trying to be cool and funny. WRONG TIME TO DO IT DOUGLASS.

    This is a very difficult time in the history of our country. Three trillion dollars exited the equity markets the past 3 months. Unemployment is at 10 year highs. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their possessions. Banks and financial institutions are going bankrupt. And you sit here trying to make a joke of this? Then follow it up with unpatriotic doubt?

    AS VP of a major advertising firm, I would never hire you!

  22. 38


    I posted an entry on . I’d like you to read it and if you like it, it’d be cool if you told people that read your site about it.

    It’s kind of a bummer… but whatever! I’ll get over it! I’m still happy!

  23. 39
  24. 40

    Haven’t been to this blog in a while. What the HELL happened!? I’ve never seen so much anger and frustration! People, calm the f down!!

  25. 41

    This is my first visit to Doug’s blog. I actually came here to get help on my new Photography blog. As I can see that may not be possible right now. So, I said to myself, SELF, why not chime in with the flow. First, let me say also that I adhere to no party. I do not back any political candidate. I did love Dougs reference to Sen. Obama and Vista. The next 4 years will clearly support that reference. Personally, I think I next President has probably the fullest plate of any President since the great World Wars, l and ll.

    I read many of the post and I have to mention one, not to criticize, but it brought up an old saying I love. Tanya, the VP of a LARGE advertising firm, said she would not hire Doug. This statement brought forth the ALL TIME BEST EVER phrase——— ” I FOUND JESUS ” Answer, I did not know he was lost!

    Thanks Tanya, I did not know Doug applied for employment.

    In closing, LIGHTEN UP people. Life can change on a dime these day as out present economic situation should support. Life is short, enjoy it.


  26. 42

    Hi Doug, it is with love and hope that I invite you to embrace our new leadership, Barack has promised to be your President too. You are thoughful and bright and understand that GW Bush spent more and did less than any democrat.
    The marketing budget for Obama represented an early warning sign to the support he has and the 64 million votes, I think are the most ever given to a President. I have decided to be more open minded because so many republicans and conservatives voted for Barack. In 2012, you might also.

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