What are the Elements of the Best Facebook Contest Apps?

perfect facebook contest app

Today I actually had the pleasure – thanks to an invite from Jay Baer – of sharing tacos and Margaritas with the leadership team from ShortStack out at Social Media Marketing World.

I made sure to let the team from ShortStack know how much we’ve enjoyed our ongoing relationship. Sara from the ShortStack team has been feeding us with great content the last few years and it’s always on target for our audience. If you pitch folks, you should take note from folks like Sara, the Mistress of Propaganda of ShortStack. Sara always includes both the infographic with her pitches as well as some notes that makes it simple for me to share. Here’s what Sara provided for this infographic:

The first thing most business owners do when they want to increase engagement and Likes on their Facebook Pages is create a contest app. Yet so many people are confused not only by Facebook’s complicated rules, but by how to create an app that actually does what they hope it will.

Creating the perfect app is both an art and a science, ShortStack‘s new infographic will help you make sure you’ve got everything you need in the mix. This infographic was created to show you just what you need to create a buzz about your contest. It also includes a few tips about how to promote the app once it’s done.

Elements of a Perfect Facebook Contest App

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