I Really, Really, Really Want to Use Your Platform… But…


This week, a vendor from a sweepstakes platform got a hold of me. We've had an on and off relationship with the company for a few years now. I've seen demos on how to use their software; they ‘ve got a pretty simple templated interface, and tons of integration capabilities. It looks like a promising platform.

We want to ramp up our mobile app downloads since Bluebridge did such a fantastic job on our mobile app. We're going to round up some great gifts, including some Apple devices, cash, and other prizes.

Because we're going to put some time and effort behind the sweepstakes, we want to ensure that we do an excellent job of it. If you're a platform where users run sweepstakes, surely you can provide some good examples and best practice guides on how to launch a successful campaign. Since mobile apps are center to many online sweepstakes, I'd assume that there are some great examples out there of mobile app sweepstakes with this provider.


I logged into our conference call today, and the sales rep started off with, “So what are you looking to achieve with your sweepstakes contest?” Strange – because I wrote him before scheduling the appointment with what we wanted to achieve. I wanted to discuss best practices around running sweepstakes on his platform to entice people to download our mobile app.

So, I repeat the need, and he responds, “Well, our templates are all pre-made, so it's easy for you to customize the campaign however you'd like.”


I let him know that I'm well aware that I can customize the sweepstakes however I'd like… but what I'm looking for are some tips, tricks, and best practices for developing the strategy behind the campaign. I need to understand what to do before I cough up a license for software that will do it.

Software as a Service Providers Please Take Note

We recently wrote about the attributes that loyal customers are seeking from their sales representatives. Guess what? It's not a demo. It's showing us that you have the expertise to provide me with the information I need to be successful with your products or services!

If your response is “uhhh”, I'm gone.

I'm not sure what's more important to any company's marketing efforts. We've developed whitepapers for every single one of our clients to show their prospects and customers how to successfully use their products or services. This should be the first step in any company's content library!

Whether it's a whitepaper, explainer video, or even a series of blog posts – get started now. If you need help, my agency will crush it for you. We focus on premier content that establishes our clients as an authority and drives their conversions.

What do you think?

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