Everything You Will Ever Need to Know About “Best Times”

best time update

If I never share another best time infographic, I’ll be happy that this is the last. And I really hope that you share it as well. I absolutely groan every time I see a best time to infographic. Best time to Tweet. Best time to update on Facebook. Best time to send an email. Best time to update LinkedIn. Best time to blog. Argh… it really drives me absolutely crazy.

Whenever someone shares one of these infographics, I notice how incredibly popular they are and it’s honestly disappointing. But then I look at the businesses’ or people’s timelines that shared it and they barely publish anything. Don’t pay attention to what everyone else is doing, pay attention to how your audience and community responds, shares, engages and converts. Observe your analytics – and pay close attention to time zones as you decide when the optimal times are.

When do I think is the best time to publish? Immediately after you finish writing. When do I think the best time to update social media? When you have time and have something of value to share. Our following continues to grow and our publication has double-digit growth despite our schedule for publishing.

Seriously… this is a race, not a pace lap. Step on the gas and fine-tune the car as you go. The car that wins the race isn’t in the middle of the pack, it’s out in the lead.

Best Time Infographic

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