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As the number of data sources continues to grow, business intelligence (BI) system are on the rise (again). Business intelligence systems allow you to develop reporting and dashboards on data across the sources you connect to. BIME is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence system that allows you to connect to both the online and the on-premises world in the same place. Create connections to all your data sources, create and execute queries and view your dashboards easily – all within BIME's beautifully intuitive interface.

BIME Features

  • BIME can act as a “live reader”, working remotely and in real-time. However, it does not require you to host your data in the cloud. Nevertheless, this choice has numerous advantages: access your data anytime and anywhere. Depending of the data size, you can upload your data seamlessly to Déjà Vu, BimeDB or Google BigQuery.
  • With BIME you have a clear and consistent query model across all your data. Put the “things” you want to analyze in rows and columns and you are done. Then filter or slice them. Group things dynamically, filter them based on complex rules or measure the impact of a change on your other numbers.
  • With BIME you can create interactive visualizations that will highlight the trends and patterns hidden in your data. You can shape them by filtering the series or revealing the underlying data. Everything is designed to display the most amount of information in the minimum amount of space. You can take advantage of color and size encoding for example, or play with a wide range of chart customization options.
  • Compare your web analytics data with your back office, measure your actual campaign ROI against your spreadsheet budget. All in a single dashboard. Using BIME's calculated attributes and measures, global variables, groups, sets and other calculated members you can look at your data from any angle.
  • Unlock the power of federated databases with QueryBlender. Users can query dozens of sources and make sense of them – regardless of query language, file, and metadata formats. QueryBlender lets users mix and match virtually any information, from legacy spreadsheets and large relational databases to live data streaming in from Google Analytics, Google Apps,, or Amazon Web Services.
  • Group things dynamically, filter them based on complex rules or measure the impact of a change on your other numbers. BIME's calculation engine has everything you need, and even more. Don't be afraid to write code; we have a beautiful user interface for generating most common calculations. Post-processing options will save you hours and allow you to achieve common calculations without writing a single formula.

Every BIME licence starts with 20 dashboards, 10 data connections, 1 designer and unlimited dashboard viewers.

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