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Binary Fountain: Customer Experience and Reputation Management Platform

If you’ve done any research on brand identity and customer experience, you’ve probably noticed the distinct connection customer ratings and reviews have on consumer engagement and local SEO efforts for companies. Today, a substantial majority of consumers rely heavily on customer sentiment (i.e., online customer ratings and review sites) to make an educated decision on whether to engage with a company. In fact, many consumers tend to reference sites such as Google, Facebook and Yelp to obtain a glimpse of the type of customer experience they can expect from a company or brand. In the era of digital, instant consumerism, companies cannot delay in responding/interacting with potential and existing customers. 

Furthermore, how a company is perceived online will immensely impact a brand’s capability to attract, acquire and retain customers. Whether it’s healthcare, hospitality, retail, automotive, financial services, etc. – customer experience and feedback equate to the company’s identity and is deeply rooted in a consumer’s decisions to purchase a company’s product or service. 

Binary Fountain Platform Overview – The Single Source of Truth for Brand Sentiment and Location Data

Binary Fountain provides the leading customer experience and online reputation management platform for enterprises, healthcare organizations and small and medium-sized businesses. Anchored in its Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, the cloud-based platform mines customer and employee feedback from surveys, online ratings and review sites, social media and other data sources to equip organizations with actionable insights needed to improve brand loyalty, increase engagement, attract new customers and drive sustainable bottom-line results. 

From search and discovery to selection and post-experience follow-up, Binary Fountain’s platform helps guide and support marketing, advertising, customer experience, sales and customer success teams along every step of the consumer journey. Its holistic product suite comes equipped with customer experience and engagement features, online reputation management capabilities, natural language processing, mobile surveys and testimonial campaign offerings, CRM integrations as well as turnkey SEO and local marketing management tools. 

Binary Fountain’s customer experience and engagement features include:

  • Social Listening — Users can actively monitor, review, search for and be alerted of untagged online mentions and comments shared over blogs, forums, news sites, ratings and review sites as well as Twitter mentions and public Instagram and Facebook posts in near real-time. 
  • Social Publishing — Users can draft, manage, schedule and post social media content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, all from a single interface.
  • Mobile Testimonial Campaigns — To generate more online reviews, users can send e-mails or mobile text messages directly to customers, requesting them to leave reviews about their service experience. 
  • Listings Management — Users can claim pages as well as automatically update and publish accurate contact information and location data for businesses of all sizes across 420+ online directories in more than 50 countries, while ensuring there are no duplicate listings or ownership conflicts. 
  • Employer Brand — Users can compile, view, compare and benchmark employee sentiment across Binary Fountain and/or third-party issued surveys as well as online ratings and review sites, such as Glassdoor and Indeed, in one comprehensive and centralized dashboard.  

In today’s digital market, companies need to consistently increase their visibility and brand awareness across search engines, social networks, maps applications and more if they wish to compete for customers’ trust and business. 

Ramu Potarazu, President and CEO at Binary Fountain

Best Practices for Customer Experience and Reputation Management

With more than 40,000 Google search queries being made every second, companies need to find a way to break through the noise, or risk being left behind by the competition. Positive brand identity and awareness is one surefire way to stay ahead of the competitive pack, or on the first page of Google search results. The solution – invest in customer experience and reputation management technologies that will monitor, track, manage, analyze and alert companies of real-time customer feedback and engagement. 

response task binary fountain 1

Some advanced features to look for in a customer experience and reputation management platform include: 

  • Star Ratings View — Compare and evaluate online reputation across hundreds of ratings and review sites in one dashboard 
  • Task Management and Alerts — Save time engaging with online reviews impacting a brand by prioritizing, scheduling, assigning follow-up and responding within one platform
  • Competitive Benchmarking — Compare online reputation, via leaderboards, against targeted competitors to identify high and low performers 
  • Business Intelligence Reporting — Customized, data-driven insights from customer feedback with the ability to view and evaluate the impact and progress of a campaign 
Reputation Management Report - Binary Fountain

Trusted by thousands of unique brands across North America, Binary Fountain helps businesses of all sizes grow market share by elevating their online presence, increasing customer interaction, and promoting online ratings and reviews – resulting in improved brand loyalty and customer retention long term. Binary Fountain’s customer experience and reputation management platform currently tracks and analyzes consumer feedback across 900,000+ healthcare providers and 250+ companies nationwide.

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Customer Experience Case Study – VITAS Healthcare

The increased reliance on digital reviews from consumers has motivated leading hospice care providers like VITAS Healthcare to implement customer experience technology and online reputation management services to better leverage feedback and increase overall positive reviews and satisfaction scores. In working with VITAS Healthcare, Binary Fountain employed its powerful customer experience technology to achieve accuracy and uniformity to listings and responses as well as measurable gains in brand reputation for VITAS Healthcare’s hospice programs across the U.S.

Through Binary Fountain’s deep analytics and listings technology, VITAS Healthcare was able to leverage analytics, reporting and benchmarking tools, in addition to powerful natural language processing (NLP) technology, for full-scale, accurate and actionable insights on customer experience and satisfaction levels across multiple locations.

Explore the customer experience strategy that delivered all of the following within the first year of implementation for VITAS Healthcare:

  • A 34% increase in patient satisfaction scores
  • A 10% increase in total positive feedback
  • A 52% increase in total Google reviews
  • A 121% increase in total Facebook reviews

Binary Fountain’s customer experience and reputation management platform helped VITAS see a significant increase in star reviews and patient satisfaction scores as well as greater listing accuracy and data insights, driving positive business results for the VITAS Healthcare brand.

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Douglas Karr

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