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Microsoft is taking Google head on with a word that’s been synonymous with search and Google = relevance. Here’s the first commercial that Microsoft is running.

I truly hope that Microsoft can aggressively challenge Google with Bing. For the last few days, I’ve used it as my default search engine, and I’m getting relevant results – that’s the name of the game.

Looking at the search engine marketing industry, Google has done an excellent job of defining what search is but modifying our behavior and acceptance in the long-term. We all concentrate now on keyword combinations – and we try and retry when we don’t get a result. On the reverse side, search engine optimization companies are scrambling to game the system with backlinking campaigns rather than having their companies simply write compelling content. Backlinking is distorting relevance in Google and making it impossible for some of the best results to get the best placement.

On one hand, I understand that the words that people use to search are not the same as the words that businesses should be using to be found; however, search should gradually adapt and overcome those issues. If I search for great dentist, why am I not placed on a results page with Dentists around me that have positive reviews from some sources to rank #1?

Instead, I only find directories, and national dentists ranked because they utilized the keywords in their page titles, content, and backlinks. That’s not a relevant response. (Bing doesn’t nail it, either). How difficult would it be to just apply a geographic-IP database on and combine the search results with some local ones, too?

It’s time that search got smarter, and I hope the competition between Bing and Google improves the overall search experience on the Internet.

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    Thanks for the heads up about BING, I had not been aware of it until now. I have submitted a couple websites, and wonder if it will bring me any additional traffic. ( I have Google analytics on the sites, I don’t know if that will tell me if any traffic is coming from BING.)
    I second the comment about competition maybe helping improve the intelligence of search, which seems to be lagging considerably behind what is technologically possible.

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