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Birdie AI Market Research

The firehose of data that social media can provide is unstructured and its difficult to attain meaningful information from it without some kind of intelligence. Birdie turns millions of comments, reviews, and other online conversations into structured, practical consumer insights that help marketing teams make faster, more effective decisions. 

Birdie is the industry’s first comprehensive AI-based Insights-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform designed specifically to help CPG brands like Samsung and P&G understand millions of consumers’ opinions, transforming unstructured data into actionable insights. 

By using AI and natural language processing, Here’s a video that explains how Birdie is reinventing market research.

Already, leading global consumer brands in CPG like Samsung and P&G are using Birdie’s platform to predict category trends, anticipate product crises, and discover promotional opportunities in key retail channels, a process that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated as brands are being forced to develop new sales channels or understand changing consumer behavior in existing channels.

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Birdie’s solution is helping companies understand their consumers’ buying experience, generating Consumer Insights that can be used across several areas of your company.

  • Consumer Insights – Navigate through billions of consumer data from several sources already organized in a way that makes spotting the next big thing and turning that insight into action effortless, making it easier to prove the ROI of Consumer Insights. Insights from Birdie are attained up to 65% faster than traditional market research.
  • Customer Service – Quantify and understand how your Customer Service teams are performing compared to key competitors and even key partners, and learn how the Customer Experience is across different channels with AI-based analysis of voice-of-consumer data. Birdie research can encompass 100% of channels and messages.
  • Marketing & Communications – Discover niched audiences and their favorite products, product attributes, and channels to make their buying decisions. Explore your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses to create personalized campaigns to convert more customers. Companies using Birdie are attaining 3x higher conversions from personalized campaigns
  • Innovation & Product Development – Get access to what consumers like and dislike about specific details of your – and your competitors’ – products, from packaging to taste. Learn what they think is missing from the market and launch successful products. Companies are using Birdie to cut Innovation cycle time by 1/4.

Unleash the Power of AI and go beyond Market Research to get deep, granular data about what consumers think about your brand, products, services, and competitors to quickly identify and leverage growth opportunities.

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