Bislr: Intelligent Marketing OS

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Bislr is launched their new application, Autopilot, that combines a SaaS drag and drop marketing automation system with most of the features of a robust marketing automation platform. It’s an affordable system that appears to outweigh some of the heavyweights in the industry with a much cleaner interface and far more robust integrations and features. Included are marketing automation, CRM integration, email marketing, landing pages, blogging, A/B testing, content management and real-time results and analytics.

Some details on key features of Bislr:

  • Social Lead Generation – Get a real-time feed that tells you how prospects are engaging with your site as well as what they just posted on Twitter and LinkedIn. Connect this information up to your favorite CRM system (Salesforce, NetSuite). Get the intelligence you need to accelerate revenue.
  • Landing pages – No IT or coders required with Responsive Design built in. Test different headlines and visuals and find out what works. With Bislr, A/B testing isn’t an expensive option – it comes standard. Track results by campaign or by landing page.
  • Webinar Campaigns – Integration with GoToMeeting that rivals high-end marketing automation solutions costing $150k and up. Maximize enrollment with a branded webinar landing page that sits on your site, not theirs.
  • Lead nurturing campaign – Authoring your first lead nurturing campaign drag-and-drop easy. With advanced tools that ensure no lead gets left behind.
  • Campaign Site – Drag-and-drop tools allow you to create the site you need without involving IT. And the campaign site you create comes complete with responsive design, making it available to your prospects and customers on smart phones and tablets.
  • Dynamic calls-to-action – Build high-impact, branded calls-to-action. Put one at the end of every blog post. Turn prospects into leads with the Bislr Intelligent Marketing OS, in real time.

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