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In the early, high-growth days of ExactTarget (now Salesforce), one tool the company couldn’t do without was Yahoo! Messenger. Aside from the all-to-often hilarious hacked message that sent an “I quit” notification from an employee who left their laptop open and logged in, the tool was indespensible to fast-track communications. Of course, once we got to several hundred employees, the tool became impossible and email became our primary tool… but oh how terrible it was.

Slack rose to fame a few years ago, and while some companies love it… others have also complained at how disorganized a communication channel it can become over time. Believe me, I understand the frustration of multiple project management systems, multiple communication platforms, and email. I have some clients who use Facebook Messenger, others Basecamp, others Brightpod… and most use email. In my email, I have special tools for filters and prioritization. It’s a nightmare!

BizChat was built for companies to bring all their communication and collaboration into one organized place.


BizChat is a secured enterprise level communication and collaboration app. You can do group chat and share direct messages on-cloud. It is a user-friendly application that allows you to share company-wide posts, do file sharing from anywhere, anytime.

BizChat has a powerful central Employee Directory that gives you access to all employees instantly with easy on-boarding of all-employees. You can easily create and assign tasks and make notes on-the-go. You can switch from desktop to mobile devices and keep everything in sync. Besides, it’s free for up to 100 users.

BizChat offers Group Chat, Direct Messaging, Call, Company-wide Posts, and File Sharing all in one place. The platform simplifies team communication and integrates tools and activity that are found in your day-to-day business interactions. Best of all, BizChat provides the opportunity to turn your business conversations into action.  BizChat offers the incredible feature of creating and assigning tasks directly from your conversations and marking messages that you want to refer to later.

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