Bizzabo: Mobile Social Networking for Conferences


Tomorrow is a big day for DK New Media, with 3 of us (me, Marty and Jenn) heading out to Social Media Marketing World. We’ve got our presentation on Crisis, Trolls and Blunders in social media, a discussion on Corporate Blogging a book signing for Corporate Blogging for Dummies, and we’re looking forward to networking. An event like this is a large investment for a small agency like ours, so it’s also important that we network and come back with some opportunities!

Michael, Phil and Irene – the team at Social Media Examiner – always have fantastic events and Social Media Marketing World looks like it’s going to be one of the best in the industry. I’m already impressed as they sent out a nice note today promoting SMMW on the app Bizzabo.

bizzabo-screenshotBizzabo helps you find and meet folks you wish to connect with as well as manage your conference agenda. As their welcome email puts it:

  • Discover – Join your event community on Bizzabo, browse the list of attendees and mark the people you would like to meet as ‘leads’ (by starring them). Use keywords (title, company, industry) to narrow your search.
  • Engage – Don’t wait for the mountain to come to you! Take initiative, start chatting and set up face-to-face meetings.
  • Share – Don’t be shy, be social. Share your thoughts on social networks and invite your friends and colleagues to Bizzabo. You’ll get notified when a group of them is planning to attend an event you might be interested in. Even Tom Cruise flies better with a wingman!

We’re really excited about attending Social Media Marketing World – and I’m geeking out already at the features and opportunities that Bizzabo is providing us to better organize our efforts at the event!

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