I’m a Djörk

Little known fact about me, I love Björk. So much so that my son and his girlfriend once presented me with my favorite T-Shirt. It says Djörk. How could anyone not love an artist with such original expression and passion for technology? Check out this video as an example. Wow.

I’m trying to change Fred’s mind about Björk, he didn’t like her new album too much.

When I visited Iceland a couple years ago, the folks that took us around brought us to a tiny bar that was frequented by Björk (in Reykjavik) and actually had one of her videos filmed in. Oh how I wish I could have met her. As it was, I danced with a couple beautiful Icelandic women that night. Sigh. I need some more clients in Iceland!


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    Hey Doug, I’m also a big fan of Bjork. I’ve listened to all her albums, a fan of every single one with the exception of Medulla.

    A little too abstract for me. The new album has some awesome songs, I still have to give it some more listens though.

    Thanks for the tips on my blog! I’ve incorporated a few of them already.

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    I love Bjork also. She’s unique and she always stands out besides her music that is one of the many things I’ve always respected about her.

    I’ve been to Reyjkavik, Iceland. Simply beautiful!
    I talked to a few gorgeous men during my visit. 🙂 It was funny they thought I lived there although I didn’t speak the language. I definitely stood out over there but it was no big deal. I liked that.

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      Sure did… it may have even been the evil sexy Toby McGuire dance from Spiderman 3! Oh the humanity.

      (BTW: Superheroes shouldn’t quiver their lip when their girlfriends dump them… Toby needs to ‘Man Up!’)

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