Black Friday Ecommerce Statistics for 2018

Black Friday Statistics

Black Friday continues to be the most popular shopping day on the planet, with most of it in retail outlets. 2018 had incredible growth, with a 23% increase in overall sales and 9% increase in average order value!

Consumer enthusiasm drove online sales to new heights this Black Friday 2018 weekend at $18B in turnovers just in the United States. This trend reflects globally as well, as more retailers across Europe and Asia adopt the occasion to promote sales. Joyce Qian, ContactPidgeon

One change in behavior that was observed was that consumers began increasing their purchase volume as early as Monday as retailers launched pre-sales, sneak peeks, and VIP access. Orders do dip on Thursday as consumers just wait for the clock to strike midnight!

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

You may have heard the term black refers to accounting and it’s the day that retailers finally get out of the red and make a profit with their company. I’m not so sure that’s the case… and it may have been a tale spun to black out its origin. In the sixties, as everyone headed out to their favorite store or mall, bus drivers and police in Philadelphia called the day Black Friday in reference to the smog that fell upon the city.

Black Friday has evolved with technology and typically covers the entire weekend. As well, we’ve added Cyber Monday and #GivingTuesday to the mix. Ecommerce companies are well-aware that shoppers are heading out to make purchases, so they ramp up the hype and sales online to drive their own sales and profits.

Some Black Friday Statistics:

  • Top selling products were in apparels & accessories (25%), beauty and personal care (21%) and electronics (20%).  Tweet This!
  • Peak shopping hours were from 12 to 1 pm (17%) and 8 to 9 pm (12%)… perhaps as folks woke from their turkey coma.  Tweet This!
  • Direct sales, search, and email lead all channels ahead of paid advertising, with 26% of all consumers planning out their purchases.  Tweet This!
  • Marketing automation grew as a strategy, with triggered popups, push notifications, and automated emails.  Tweet This!
  • For the first time, mobile bridged 50% of all Black Friday orders! This drove 42% of overall sales.  Tweet This!

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Black Friday Statistics and Best Practices

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