Blog Action Day: Water and Oil

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I’m not an environmentalist. Nor am I a supporter of “An Inconvenient Truth”. The data are suspect and I think it’s human arrogance that believes that our bad actions are somehow killing the Earth. The Earth isn’t in trouble… it’s people who are.

Blog Action Day

I’d like to drive an electric car, but I know that they’re inefficient and still, ultimately, burn fossil fuels. I’d like to drive a car that uses alternative fuels, but I know that making that fuel is inefficient and… ultimately burns fossil fuels. Perhaps a hybrid is the best answer, but I’m concerned with where the batteries go and the corrosive liquids used.

I realize that our arrogance is also causing global conflict, healthcare issues, and energy crisis when it’s avoidable. I’d like to walk outside and smell fresh air. I want to be able to visit the mountains and not see garbage. I’d like to see us spend less money on cleaning up. And, of course, I’d like for the United States to cut its dependency on oil and the Arab nations.

In order to do that, it’s up to me to make a difference. People say that all politics starts at home. I might challenge that all energy conservation starts at home. Money spent on plastic bottles, landfills and energy is simply wasted and that makes a conservative guy like me want to support ‘green’.

As one who loves the outdoors, I don’t want to see junk and landfills taking away from our country’s pristine natural beauty. I also don’t want to see us have to fight wars to sustain our oil intake.

But how can I make a difference? Here are 3 things that I can do (and you can, too!):

  1. Stop buying bottled water. I buy cases at home and see my garbage can filling up faster and faster. I’m going to move to a home service where the water is delivered in reusable jugs. I’m afraid I can’t move to tap water, the water in my municipality stinks and leaves rust on everything.
  2. I’m going to shop at the local farmer’s market. Did you know that the average vegetable or fruit travels 1,800 miles to get to your plate? (Source: Deep Economy). Farm transportation to canneries or packaging plants, then on to supermarkets, is a huge consumer of fuel in our country. And it honestly hurts the farmer because the transportation costs are cut out of the price. Support your local farmer’s market and they get more money and we use less fuel!
  3. Adjust your thermometer and allow for 5 degrees more in either direction – both hot and cold. Why use more air conditioning or heat? Change your clothes inside to provide your comfort… don’t use more energy.

I’m going to start today. I hope you do, too!


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    Great post, Doug. I’ve always been a believer in doing what you CAN and not freaking out. I always buy fresh when I can b/c it’s healthier, supports the local farmer/economy and never even thought about it cutting down on transportation. I have switched to a Brita pitcher instead of water bottles, it’s cheaper than home service and you don’t have to worry about delivery. Merely change your filter every couple of months and remember to fill the water jug before it empties. It takes minutes to filter.

    I also use energy efficient bulbs. While I just switched to these bulbs, the reports and people I know that use them say that they will cut quite a few dollars off of your yearly electric bill AND they are better for the environment b/c not as much waste is produced from changing bulbs and they use less energy.

    Thanks for the reminder.

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