UserVoice: Feedback, Feature Request and Bug Tracking Made Simple!


The folks at UserVoice have been busy building and testing new tools to help you engage your users, get better, data-driven feedback, and provide better support than ever. Over the last couple of months they have been testing some of these tools inside their customers' UserVoice admin consoles, including their new Satisfaction and SmartVote widgets, as well as a new, simpler contact form. Today, they're making these new tools available to everyone!

Meet the new, modern widget

The completely reimagined widget provides a comprehensive, in-app experience for your customers to get the help they need and for you to (proactively) solicit the feedback you need. It features SmartVote™, Satisfaction Ratings, and an improved Instant Answers flow for the contact form.

UserVoice Widget

Proactively engage users in your app or site auto-prompts. Users can automatically include a screenshot of the page they're on when sending a message. Identify users, track activity, and pass account traits with their new Javascript SDK.

User Insights

Go beyond listening. Underneath their new widgets is a simple yet powerful JavaScript SDK for passing user information that helps you get to actionable insight.

UserVoice User Insights

User Insights allows you to gain more insight into all of your users – not just the ones that give you specific feedback or submit tickets. Segment and drill down on specific user traits, including user types, plan, activity level, satisfaction level, monthly recurring revenue, lifetime value, and more.

User Satisfaction

Satisfaction Ratings allow you to easily track trends and correlate positive or negative responses with specific areas of product improvement. In-app prompts provide a higher response rate than traditional email surveys and allow you to quantify the ROI of great support.

UserVoice User Satisfaction

Drill into specific user segments to see how satisfaction changes by demographic. Identify your promoters and prevent churn before it happens. Encourage promoters to spread the word with tweets.

User Feedback w/SmartVote™

The User Feedback beta report is a new, data-driven way to sort, filter and calculate stats on the feedback posted to your account. It combines data from the new SmartVote™ widget with User Insights data to help you find out which ideas are most important to different sets of users.

This goes way beyond their legacy voting system to give you the data you need to make smart decisions that'll take your product (and retention numbers) to the next level.

UserVoice User Feedback

The new SmartVote widget lets users prioritize which ideas are hot and which ideas are not and lets you get to statistically significant outcomes. Filter and sort ideas across your entire account – not just within a specific forum. Prioritize feedback with user and account traits.

New contact form for your web portal

While embedding the new widget on your own site is completely optional, next week UserVoice will replace the classic “Contact support” form on your UserVoice web portal ( with the new Contact Widget:

UserVoice Contact Form

These new features are now available for all UserVoice accounts. If you’re on an older feedback-only or helpdesk-only plan, UserVoice can help you migrate your account to one of their newer plans to start enjoying all of UserVoice. To install the new widget, visit your account settings or read more about setting up the new widget.


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    I like your idea of using a bug tracking system to stay in touch with the people that are using your code but the user voice service is not actually the best option. I would love to see a WordPress plugin for bug tracking but I haven't found one. I looked at bugzilla from the guys at mozilla and I love it, but I can't install it since I don't have shell access on my hosting account. For now, I'm testing Mantis availabe at, but I'm not sure about it since its code is hard for me to understand and therefore hard to modify it and apply themes etc. Sorry about my long comment, great post. Luis

  2. 2

    Is there a setting so that the 'bug' section at the bottom of the feedback window shows? It's not showing on mine, and I feel like I'm missing something obvious in the admin…

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      Nevermind…I got it. I still can't figure out how – when I add new topic ideas, why they aren't showing up in my initial screen, after deleting the default topics…

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