How to attend a $2,000 Blogging Conference for $49

There are quite a few blogging conferences that happen around the country each year. The value of attending a blogging conference is enormous, exposing you to search engine optimization, copy writing, blog technology and how to make your blogging experience a profitable one. That's why many attendees pay upwards of $2,000 to attend these conferences.

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You don't need to pay $2,000, though! How does $49 sound?

Local bloggers from across Indiana will gather at the IUPUI Campus Center on August 16-17th, 2008, for Blog Indiana 2008, a 2-day blogging and social media conference that aims to promote education, innovation and collaboration among Indiana's fast-growing blogging community. The conference is sponsored by the IU School of Informatics.

Blog Indiana 2008 is a 2-day conference for both experienced and new bloggers alike. Sessions will include topics such as blogging for beginners, using blogs in your business, monetizing your blog, political blogging and more advanced topics. In the past, most blogging and technology-related conferences have either been too expensive or too far out-of-state. Blog Indiana 2008 seeks to bring a low-cost, high-value conference to Hoosier bloggers.

Who Should Attend?

campus centerStudents, hobbyists and professionals are encouraged to attend to network and learn. Experience with blogging or social media are not requirements to participate; anyone with an interest in technology and new media is welcome to attend.


Seating is limited to 200 attendees.


The IUPUI Campus Center on the IUPUI Campus in Indianapolis, IN

Why $49?

That's the million dollar question, right? This conference isn't about paying exorbitant speaker fees for A-list bloggers. It's about a collection of professionals here in the region trying to help other folks get this kick-started into Social Media and blogging. It's also about connecting all of us who are actively blogging right now. No doubt you'll walk away from this conference with $2,000 worth of advice and memories – but it's not about the money.

Register while there are seats left!

Register Today! Seats are limited and they are going fast.


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    This is awesome. It surely inspires me to think of how a nice Mid-Atlantic conference with similar goals might work. There’s a decent university just a few miles down the road (UVA)… hmmm. It’s almost worth me hopping in the car and driving to Indiana for that cost.

  2. 2

    I’m sure that the conference will be a blast! Great post! I was speaking at blogher so missed posting about Blog Indiana last week – will have to post about it this week!

    Look forward to meeting you there!

    – Krista

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