Blog Promotion Strategies From Top Marketing Experts

blog promotion strategies

A successful blogging strategy ain’t easy but it’s also not rocket science. Some folks think that “If you blog, they will come…” but nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, you could organically attract folks to your blog over time and you may even be content with that. But if you’re not getting the kind of numbers you need to sustain a great blogging strategy and get a return on the time you’re spending, then you must promote your blog!

The 9 Most Powerful Blog Promotion Tactics From Top Marketing Experts from ReferralCandy , a platform for refer-a-friend programs for ecommerce stores, has organized and illustrated a fantastic infographic of quotes from top content marketers with the best blog promotion advice on the web.

  1. Before everything else, your blog’s gotta rock
  2. Don’t let your effort go to wast, make sure it’s searchable
  3. A picture paints a thousand words, we’re all visual creatures
  4. Relationship matters
  5. Know your target audience
  6. Get personal by email (add our product, CircuPress!)
  7. Perform targeted distribution
  8. Maximize the potential of social media
  9. Make it happen!

Be sure to read how to do each of these in this incredible resource for blog promotion strategies!


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