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Blog Tag: 5 Secrets about Me

SecretShel Israel has blog-tagged me. The game is to tell five secrets about yourself and then link to five other people you know and then they have to tell five things you probably don’t know about them.

  1. Ophidiophobia: That’s me. Can’t stand them! I joked that if I ran into a snake, I’d throw my kids at it and run screaming in a pitch that could shatter glass.
  2. Nothing in my life will ever compare to the happiness, accomplishment and pride that my children fill me with, Billy and Katie. Nothing. (I wouldn’t really throw them at a snake, I promise).
  3. I used to introduce my first wife jokingly as my first wife. I didn’t know it would wind up being true.
  4. I hate money. I hate money so much that I never balance my checkbook(s). If I had a million dollars, I would simply have a million dollars worth of money problems.
  5. While I have hundreds of friends, I have only one friend from childhood. My best friend Mike lives in Vancouver with his incredible wife, Wendy. Mike has a fitness equipment company and Wendy is a television producer and actor. They are incredible people.
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