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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I feel embarrassed as an SEO that some of that stuff isn’t implemented already. But I thought my plugins were taking care of some of the stuff you mentioned. I admit, I didn’t check!

    Anyway, thanks again! Your blog is awesome!

    ~Nathania 🙂

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      You’re so welcome, Nathania!

      Isn’t there an old tale about the plumber fixing his toilet last? 😉 I’m the master procrastinator when it comes to my own projects. It’s taken some incredible discipline for me to fine-tune and tweak my blog over the last year. No doubt you’re busy making a living!

      As well, since you’re a pro – feel free to push back on any of my advice or advice I give in any other post. I don’t claim to be a pro, I just claim to have a lot of experience and analyzing the results. All my assumptions are based both on what I read AND what I found when I implemented the it!

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    One more thing – “When Bloggers Applaud” was one of the posts, it’s not actually part of the overall Blog title.

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