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Next on the list for blog tipping is another reader who adds a ton of commentary to my blog, Technical Itch. No one should underestimate the value of comments on a blog (some argue that a blog really isn't a blog without comments!).

Technical Itch is also celebrating its first birthday! Congratulations!!!

Here are your Blog Tips:

  1. Technical Itch ContentWith a columnar layout, be sure to put your content div first in your html (the location can still be styled to be the center content region. The reason for this is that Search Engines typically do not index the entire content of the page, they pull a portion of the page starting at the top. By placing the left sidebar html before the content html, you may only be getting indexed on your sidebar rather than your content!
  2. Utilizing a graphic for your Blog title is great – but be sure to still have text associated with it that the Search Engines can crawl. Be sure to read #2 on my tipping for The Guest Blogger Blog. It lays out the necessary html and style tags to include your blog name and sub heading.
  3. The lighter the section of the page, the more attention it pulls from the reader. Having even a slight color difference between columns will help people read the columns easier… and ensuring the most important content is the lightest will draw attention to that content. I think I would experiment with some header, sidebar and page background shading – even if it's very slight. This isn't something that's measurable, but there are many studies on website reading habits that provide this feedback.
  4. Feedburner Email Subscription CSSMost folks don't realize it, but you can style widgets and forms that are pulled from another site. It's just a matter of discovering the layout and class tags they are using. I use FireBug for Firefox to figure out how they're doing it – and then just add tags and styles to my stylesheet accordingly.
  5. The color of your fonts (#4c8ac9) is a great shade of blue. However, utilizing it on your post titles as well as the rest of the page doesn't differentiate one link from another. You can utilize a tool like Kuler to find complimentary colors and shades. Here's one for you (#234F7D) that is a little darker than your shade of blue but compliments it well. Using Kuler, select ‘Create' and set the center color HEX amount. You can then play around with their suggestions or adjust yourself using their tools. It's fun once you get started.
    Adobe Kuler

That's it for this tipping! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to take a deeper look into your blog, Technical Itch! This blog is highly recommended for those of you with a Gadget fixation, love for Linux – or who want to learn more about tricking out their blog.

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If you'd like your Blog Tipped, simply follow the directions on my Blog Tipping Post.


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    Thanks so much for taking the time to review my blog. The feedback is really appreciated.

    You’ve raised some really good points. I haven’t thought about the font or background colors before. I’ll look into that.

    I’ve also been looking to modify my theme for a while now and will take on board all your comments. I’ll keep you posted on developments.

    Thanks again.

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