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Blog TippingNext up to make the baker’s dozen is, ironically, The Egg Marketing Blog!

About Egg Marketing: Susan Payton is the Managing Partner of Egg Marketing. She holds an MBA from the University of Central Arkansas, and has BA degrees in English and French. Susan has worked as a writer in the creative capacity for ten years. She is now harnessing her creative ability with her knowledge and experience in marketing, finance and business.

Here are your Blog Tips:

  1. I love the clean ‘newspaper’ feel to your blog! The layout is incredibly clean and roomy – very well done! I do think there’s an opportunity in your nav bar to put a Subscribe to RSS or to Email link. Perhaps left-justifying your Home and About links… and then right-justifying a subscription form and RSS icon. If not in the nav bar, than right below it on the right-hand side.

    I recommend the RSS icon feed for most sites being in the top and right side of the page ‘above the fold’… that is no requirement for scrolling. Though most browsers now prominently include RSS capabilities – the RSS icon is a subtle call to action for people to subscribe!

  2. Sans serif fonts aren’t as friendly as serif fonts for reading – but you seldom find serif fonts regularly for reading articles on the web. I’m not sure why but I don’t use them either. To compensate, though, I do ensure my font sizes are readable. For a period of time, we saw font sizes shrinking on the web as monitors became larger.

    Now monitors are huge with very high resolutions – making fonts smaller and more difficult to read! We’ve come full circle. I’d recommend increasing the font-size of your content a couple sizes. You can do this just for your center pane by adding font-size: 13px to #contentmiddle in your stylesheet.

  3. As I do these tips, I always find myself breaking my own rules! However, I’d recommend more usage of headings (h2 and/or h3) within your content as well as some bulleted lists. Honestly, people really don’t ‘read’ blogs and websites as much as they skim them. It requires that we chunk our content. Think of each blog as a skeleton. Add a heading for the head, body, legs and feet. Then add some bullet points for your ribs. As you review your work, ensure when you skim the article, you can understand what the overall post is trying to say without actually reading every word.
  4. Along with headings and bullets – be sure to use images to differentiate your posts. This is especially important when your readers are reading your posts from a feed reader where all the aesthetics of your blog are
    filtered out. A picture is worth a thousand readers! I promise. You’ll find very few of my posts without an image and I noticed an immediate and consistent boost in click-throughs to my posts from my feed.
  5. Have you thought about branding your site to your blog or vice-versa? I don’t think it would take much to move your logo to your blog or even to utilize your blog as the center-piece to your web site. The trend these days are merging the two… blogs are resembling sites more and sites are utilizing blogging techniques more. I had a website for quite a while, called Coders4Hire. I found after quite a few posts that I was growing my business more rapidly with my blog than with my site! You might find the same.
  6. Entrepreneur tipsAt the minimum, be sure to post a link to your book in your sidebar! Your book, 101 Entrepreneur Tips, will bring much credibility to your blog’s voice as you continue to build authority! As well, it will boost your sales as your blog grows in credibility.

    It will also take up some of the white space in that column. I’m not pinging you on it – I figure you’re probably still working on the theme!

  7. I noticed duplicate meta tags in your headers – but the keywords are blank. I’ll recommend a couple of meta tag plugins that I wrote about on a previous post.

That should keep you busy for a while! Let me know how your blog is doing after implementing some of these changes. Be patient! Success in blogging is all about Content, Passion and Momentum!. Please don’t be a stranger either – we’d love to hear back on how it’s progressing!

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