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TippingNext up on the blog-tipping list is Linda Lee and the Netglobalbooks blog. Linda is an entrepreneur and single mom with 3 great kids. Linda started selling books and toys and concert tickets on eBay, and this lead to writing and selling ebooks and creating websites.

Linda’s blog is a beautiful one – with a Paintbrush theme by Antbag.

Here are your Blog Tips, Linda:

  1. I’d recommend upgrading your version of WordPress to the latest and greatest version.
  2. Font TagsI found a couple oddities with your theme. On your main index page, your post starts with >p/> and there appears to be some rogue font tags that repeat themselves after each post’s content.

    You should be able to find the rogue font tag by editing your main index page in the WordPress theme editor. The funky p tag may be in your content.

  3. You’ve got a dead link to a forum in your blogroll in your sidebar. If you want a forum that works in WordPress, you can try bbPress. My blogging buddy Tony Chung has it loaded up and running well on his site, Geekwhat.
  4. I notice when you write that you have a mix of paragraph tags (>p>) and line breaks (>br />). A line break will break the line and continue you on the next line with no padding or margin. A paragraph; however, leaves some nice padding above and below your paragraph of content. Paragraphs break up the content nicely – making your content easier to read. I would avoid line breaks.
  5. There are no meta data tags in your header. Meta data are used by Search Engines to display keyword and description information about your site and each of your pages. I recommend loading up a couple of plugins to assist you with setting your keywords and description meta tags!
  6. Your RSS feed icon is nicely positioned! To be sure you’re attracting readership with your RSS feed, I’d recommend signing up for FeedPress and loading up the Feedburner WordPress plugin.
  7. To assist Search Engines in navigating your blog much easier, I would highly recommend loading up a Sitemap generator plugin. My favorite is actually the beta version – it runs great and I’ve never had a problem. Since your blog is in a subdirectory, when you build your sitemap be sure to update your robots.txt file with the location of where to find it:

    If you run into trouble, sign up with Google Search Console to get some tips!

  8. Who’s Linda Lee? Where’s a picture? Where are any pictures? Blogging is as much a visual experience as a reading one. People tend to connect well to people, not text. I don’t have a picture on my header because I’m a narcissist… I have it there so you can remember my face and perhaps trust me a little more.
  9. I would also sprinkle your posts with clipart or images to differentiate it from other blogs and provide a little more insight to your content. Utilize bullets and headers (h2, h3) within your content so that readers can scan it easier.

Linda, you’re doing a fantastic job with such a young blog. You need not throw all of these improvements at it overnight – take your time. It appears you’re enjoying your writing and it’s personable and informative. Keep it up and add a couple of these tweaks over time – you’ll get a boost in readership and in search engine findability.

Good luck! (From a Single Dad!)

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    wow doug, I downloaded that sitemap generator plugin and is awesome, I already sent the sitemap to google, it seems to be working perfectly so thanx again for your advices… also I’m making some changes to my homepage, after reading at your lasts blog tippings , I think I’m getting better 🙂

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Hi Doug,

    Wow thank you for all the help and great links and suggestions.
    I worked on some of those today and Im working on a photo, and I updated my about page.
    I will be installing the plugins you advised and I did a blog entry about you!
    You are also on my blog roll now.
    Thanks again for everything!

    Linda Lee

  4. 5

    Thanks Doug!
    I just bought a book on based on your picks.
    I had never heard of this guy and I read the Amazon reviews and this is my kind of book. “Expect the unexpected”
    (I went to eBay and bought it, sorry about that) but I did put it on my website too for sale through Amazon.

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