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Adam Teece has a blog that's well on it's way. In analyzing his raw HTML, you know he's been listening to a lot of great advice – hopefully here :).

Your Blog Tips

  1. Your main posts are getting crunched into your sidebar. If found that if you adjust your primary div to 480px on your Stylesheet, it provides a balance of whitespace on the left and right of your posts, making it much easier to read.
    #primary {
  2. I like your Magnolia feed on your sidebar. Keep in mind that since it's Javascript, it's not going to get crawled as part of your site content, though. That's a bummer – since most of the topics you're interested would help with Search Optimizing your site. You would be better suited to put a Feed Aggregator in your sidebar that points to your mag.nolia RSS feed.

    This can be done with a WordPress plugin or you can also code it manually if you'd like using a PHP aggregator such as Magpie.

  3. It's hard to read your footer text since it's gray on a green backdrop. I would change it to white in your stylesheet:
    #footer {
    margin:0pt auto;
    padding:0px 0pt;

    Additional tip: you can short cut a CSS color by cutting it in half. Browsers will simply replicate the other half – so #fff actually equals #ffffff and #B85 = #B85B85). Optimizing your CSS will load your page faster for a new visitor.

Good luck in the Navy, Adam! And thanks for serving our country!

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    Wow, thanks very much for the tips and very rapid response. I am going to fix those things right away, as long as internet stays up long enough for me to do it. Internet can be very finicky in the middle of the ocean.

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      You bet, Adam! Be safe out there. And I don’t want to hear about the Internet… we only got to communicate via HAM Radio! (Sheesh, I’m old! Hi hon… over. Hi… over. How’s the kid… over. Great, he’s walking now… over). Ha!

      We couldn’t use the ship’s communication, couldn’t use cell phones, and the Internet was still new. In fact, I remember when the ship got its first 386 that we could mess with while we are watch in DCC (I was an EM).

      Pretty awesome that you’re able to get on at all out there!

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  2. 4

    Yes I did Doug. Like I said, internet at sea is sparse so I had to seize the opportunity while I had it. I am trying to track down some IE display issues now. For some reason it is rendering wrong in IE.

    I am very happy the ship has internet at all as well. Many other ships have much better connections than ours though, but we are getting the better technology soon. Though it will be after I get out.

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