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Tom has requested that I tip his blog, PGA Auctions. And I'm happy to oblige! Tom's blog is about his eBay business and he keeps a close eye on the auctions so there are plenty of competitors out there and we need to get him some help!

Here are your Blog Tips:

  1. First, be sure to correct the link on the Post with the link back to my blog… when you copy and paste from HTML back to the code, sometimes it messes up the quotes. I've updated the original post with a textarea… now if you copy it direct, it will work.
  2. For security reasons, you should absolutely upgrade WordPress to the latest and greatest release. I read on your blog that you ran into some upgrade problems. Is that still the case? The 2.0 version is now on 2.0.10 if you can't upgrade to 2.21.
  3. Search engines need to know how to get around your site. They do this efficiently through a couple of tools. The first tool is a robots.txt file. It's simply a text file that the crawler reads to know where to look and where not to look in your site. You can make the file just using Notepad and then FTP'ing it to your server and dropping it in the web directory.
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wordpress/wp-
  4. The next way that Search Engines get around your site is via a Sitemap. I especially love the 3.0b7 Google Sitemap Plugin. I've even modified it to submit to Yahoo! as well and sent the code to the author but he's not built it into the next release yet. This will build a sitemap.

    Now – it gets a little tricky since you've got a web site AND a WordPress blog. You may not know it, but WordPress' latest release now has a feature where you can make any page the home page and stick your blog somewhere else. That could enable you to move your other pages (FAQ, Policy, etc.) you have to your blog and have WordPress handle them. The advantage is that you could have them on your automatically generated sitemap! I'd really recommend doing this and putting your WordPress install right in your site's root directory!

    You can move the site without disturbing the content you've already created so no worries there! If you do this, be sure to modify your robots.txt file to point to the sitemap in the right directory.

  5. You may also want to integrate eBay right into WordPress! In this article I found, the site used the eBay Editor Kit to add an Inventory list right in their WordPress sidebar.
  6. No one likes to take advise from someone anonymous, right? I would absolutely put a picture up on your About page. If it's a good one (kidding), you might even want to put it in your theme on every page. Don't be camera shy – folks really appreciate knowing who's blog they are reading by taking a look at them.
  7. Switch your feed to FeedPress using the WordPress Feedburner plugin so you can guage how many folks are reading your blog via RSS and put your RSS link with an icon high up on your sidebar so folks can find it. RSS Icon. Feedburner has other options too, like an email subscription form you can put up on your site.
  8. I mentioned this plugin on two other tips: To keep folks around, I'd recommend the Related Posts Plugin and put the related posts at the bottom of each of your posts. This way folks that find you via a Search Engine will read your posts and if they don't find exactly what they need, they may stick around for additional articles that are on the same subject. This will also help with deep linking for Search Engine Ranking.
  9. Clicky Web AnalyticsHow do you know what folks are reading on your site? You don't without a nice Analytics package. I would highly recommend Clicky Web Analytics. If you get the Pro version, you can download a WordPress plugin to get you up and running!

    You'll learn a lot by knowing where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking for, etc.

It's all about findability, Tom! We need to tell the Search Engines how to find you and the readership and search engine rankings will come. You do a great job of posting images and writing clear, concise posts. Your post titles are outstanding… no doubt once we get the search engines to find you, your blog will begin to climb in readership and your eBay store in sales!

How to get your Blog Tipped

If you'd like your Blog Tipped, simply follow the directions on my Blog Tipping Post.

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    Analytics tool is very important for a Blog, else you would never knw what is happening with your blog.
    I had blogs without analytics for a year, untill I read one of the blog postings like this one. I have used Clicky in the past, however, the best I would say is , they have a comprehensive reproting system.

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