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Thanks to André for my first tip request in another language! (translated: Reading) is a blog from Brazil about book reviews, literary analysis, academic theory of literature, language, works, poetry and more!

Thanks to Google Translate, I was able to actually read the posts and take a closer look at the site. André is a gracious blogger and you can tell in his writing, he’s doing it to share his passion with his audience.

Finding opportunity to improve was a struggle, he’s done an amazing job in optimizing his blog – no doubt it’s paying off! André’s writing is fantastic (I can see this even in the translation) and there are images spread out in many of the posts – providing a great visual for the content.

Here are your Blog Tips:

  1. The RSS symbol is universal for clicking on and subscribing to a feed. On your home page, the symbol has a link to an article on “What is RSS?” but the link to add the feed doesn’t actually work (at least not in Firefox on a Mac). I believe you can modify the div so that you can allow both… if someone clicks on the RSS symbol, they will be brought to your feed address. If they click on the link on the article, they can still read the article:
    <div id="feeds" class="cursor: pointer"
    onclick="urchinTracker('/feedclick'); self.location.href='';">

    You can put the “cursor: pointer” in your CSS file instead of the div statement.

  2. I would modify your Description div (
    <div id="Desc">

    ) to a heading style h2. That will have more impact on getting those words indexed with the search engines than a simple div.

  3. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the site was that there was virtually no content ‘above the fold’. That is, I had to scroll to get whatever I was looking for. Culturally, I’m not sure if this is acceptable with your audience but it really bugs folks like me. You might try combining your blog’s title, description, and each of the pages into a single horizontal div that takes off a lot of the page height that’s lost right now to those elements. That would knock off quite a bit of height that’s currently used for the few components that are there.
  4. I love the layout with the information section in the bottom of the page, but I was genuinely surprised it was there! If there was a way for you to style the head of your blog similar to the foot of the page, that would look nicer. You may even want to call attention to the foot of the page by putting a More (mais?) bookmark along with your other page buttons that jumps the reader down to that section.

  5. The writing is very personal and personable, but I’m not sure if the layout matches it. Even in translation, I can recognize the passion you have for Reading. The photo (of you?) reading is fantastic. I would love to see some kind of photo up top of the page as well. Perhaps another picture of you or a picture of a book artistically embedded in a background image.
  6. An About (sobre?) page would be of benefit. Who are you? Why are you so passionate about reading? What made you start this blog?

Even with Google Translate, I was able to see that André’s writing capabilities far surpass mine. I happened across a great post on the differences of writing via a computer or in print.

Fantastic job, André! Thanks so much for requesting this tip!

How to get your Blog Tipped

If you’d like your Blog Tipped, simply follow the directions on my Blog Tipping Post.


  1. 1

    Wonderful tips Douglas!

    I have been permanently at work to improve the blog and I’m very happy in to know that you like the content, even in translation.

    Thanks a lot for the tips and compliments!

    I’ll do these changes soon and be back here to tell the results.

  2. 3
  3. 4

    Hello again Douglas!

    It’s done 🙂

    I change:

    – The RSS link
    – The Description tag (now I have a beautifull h2 :))
    – Changes in the top, in order to knock out the big height and too “beautify” and relationate it with the footer
    – Wrote an “about” page 😉
    – Put a link “more” as an anchor to footer
    – Increase the total with to a 1024×768 resolution
    – Increse the line-height, in order to a better content’s lecture

    I like very much the result! I still have some details to fix, but I think that my blog is much better now!

    Thank’s very much!

  4. 5
  5. 6

    Damn it! I’m in a big trouble with google and the URL’s change =(

    Many pages were hide from the results, and my traffic is very very bad =(

    The results from the layout’s changes will take some more months. It’s a pitty..

    • 7
      • 8

        Thanks by assistence Doug! But I changed the structure from default %date%/%postname% to only %postname% and use the Dean’s permalink migration plugin to make a 301 redirection. However, my ranks in search engines were dissolved.

        I think there isn’t a way to fix this. Only wait a new rank =(

  6. 9

    Hello again Douglas!

    After much time, my pages were again indexed and, for my surprise, the visits increased about 400%! Wow!

    The result of my SEO efforts and application of your tips was wonderfull!

    Thank you very much!

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