Blog Tipping Follow-Up: My Blog Coach by Shonnie Lavender

Recently I provided blog tips to Shonnie Lavender for her fantastic blog, My Blog Coach. Shonnie took the advice to heart and immediately began working to implement some of the changes. The most dramatic is the page header on her blog.

Here's the ‘Before' header graphic:

Shonnie Header - Before

Here's the ‘After' header graphic:

My Blog Coach Header

Hopefully, you can see how inviting the new graphic is! Wow! What a transformation. The photo is friendly and inviting and the signature adds that extra bit of class. Shonnie's content is already tops – this new layout is so much friendlier. Many bloggers shudder at putting pictures of themselves on their blog. Remember, the picture isn't for you! It's for the folks who are communicating with you through your blog!

Great job Shonnie! Please keep us appraised of how well your growth is!

How to get your Blog Tipped

If you'd like to get your blog tipped, find out on my Blog Tipping post.


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