Blog-Tipping: It’s Reader Payback Time!

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Let’s not waste each others’ time! I want to help your blog or website quickly and efficiently AND you’ll get some link love on my blog.

That mention will drive traffic and help with your rankings in Technorati and the Search Engines. In order to do that, I’ve got to sneak up on your blog, and tip it!

How to get your Blog Tipped:

1. Mention my blog on your site.
2. Drop me a line in the comments of this post with a link to your post.

My promise: I’ll spend a couple minutes reviewing your layout, usability, SEO, and your latest posts to find something that will help tweak your website or blog. I’ll make an effort to make the tip unique to every blog or website rather than trying to wuss out and collectively ‘tip’ multiple blogs.

That’s it! Let’s get to blog-tipping!

Feel free to pass on this link to whomever you’d like.


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    How long is this offer valid? I’ve got some housework to do (no, I’m not going to try to craft some new work with ‘blog’ in it to describe the cleanup I have to do on my content :).

    Pat F.

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      Hi André!

      I’d love to provide some tips to a non-English blog. Sounds like a great challenge. I won’t judge the content, of course, but I’d love to look at the layout, structure, SEO, etc.!


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    What a great offer Douglas. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Here’s my blog tipping post. I found you though my subscription to Dawud Miracle’s blog. Peace.

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    Hey there…

    Got the idea to check you out and get “BLOG Tipped” from one of my fav blogs, “Web Strategies by Jeremiah.”.

    So Please Oh Please Tip My Blog! Many advance Thanks To You!

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    Hello Doug; not sure that I did this right. Here is my blogtipping this month. I have shortened my blogtips down from when I initially began them; and they have become more mentioning another blog then actually handing them tips. I would be interested in whatever tips you can hand on to me.

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    Hi Douglas

    There is a series of posts about social marketing metrics. I used your post here as a good example for boosting one’s Technorati Authority ranking. I am sure you get a smile out of it, see here:

    Sometimes it is viral for sure but maybe not a collage – just business 😉

    Good work.

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