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Content: The Key to Killer Blog Posts

Sharing great content will forever be the driving force for companies to build their online presence, share their stories, and attract, engage and sell to customers. We are working with two clients right now whose strategies have changed and they weren’t sharing visual content via social and haven’t had us developing video or infographics… and the downturn in their share of voice, visitors, and – ultimately – leads and closes have suffered. Content is the oxygen that is needed to keep your online marketing alive.

Your blog can be an incredible asset in crafting your online presence and success. By using a consistent approach, establishing and maintaining your distinctive voice, and providing high-quality, useful content to your readers, you’ll be well on your way to making sure every post on your blog is a killer blog post.

This is quite a comprehensive infographic with so much to share… be sure to read through it and apply the lessons to your own blogging strategy. It’s a great overview of styles, low-hanging fruit often missed, establishing a content calendar and producing relevant content that drives awareness and sales.


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    Excellent tips on content, the four pillars are essentials for creating quality content that would inspire clicks and shares on social networks, which ultimately results in greater exposure on the internet. Thanks for sharing this inforgraphic Douglas, it’s very useful.

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