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If you weren’t at the Webtrends Engage 2010 conference, you missed an incredible business intelligence conference. Engage is unlike any other company conference I’ve been to. The objective is to provide customers and industry professionals with exposure to some of the best and brightest experts throughout the online industry. Register for next year’s Engage in San Francisco – they always sell out!

This year I was invited to do a sprint, a 10 minute powerpoint about something online marketing related and that I’m passionate about. I decided to do mine on inbound marketing (click through if you don’t see the presentation). In New Orleans, I spoke specifically about business to business marketing, but the best practices apply to business to consumer marketing as well.

The original presentation was a bit different since it was animated and beautifully stretched across an 80 foot screen behind me… but here’s the meat of it!

Of course, if you were in New Orleans, you got a real treat… I did my speech and compared Social Media to the evolution of dancing. I even threw in a couple of steps and got some laughs. It was a great time all around!

Here’s a rundown of the content of the slides:

  1. Inbound Marketing Strategies
  2. Compelling content is what generates conversions. Great content is a combination of effective keyword usage and content that answers the visitors question ? and encourages them to the next step in the sales process. Your blog is optimized for search engines.
  3. Back in the day, Sales and Marketing were the source of information for prospects. Prospects relied on them.
  4. Now Search Engines often offer the information that prospects are seeking.
  5. Social Media now impacts both search and influences the decision maker. The prospect is now getting information from Search Engines and from their Social Network.
  6. If your Sales and Marketing teams want to be involved in the prospect’s decision making, they need to be leading in search and involved in social networks. No longer can a company simply wait to have prospects ?come to them?.
  7. You need to be everywhere!
  8. Utilizing syndication and other integration tools can save you time and keep you in front where you need to be!
  9. Additionally, there are other tools on the market to simplify your integration needs.
    Every single blog post should have a path to engagement. Typically, this is a call to action, to a landing page, to a conversion!
  10. The customer lands on your blog post, and sees a relevant call to action. That call to action will lead them to a landing page and into the conversion funnel.
  11. Most people don’t read. Repeat: MOST PEOPLE DON?T READ! Use whitespace effectively, symbolize with images and add video and audio. Feed the senses: visual, audible, kinesthetic.
  12. Downloads, Events, Questions and Answers, Emails, Whitepapers, Prizes?. All of these options should require a data form to collect the lead information. Your blog is free ? trade everything else for data!
  13. Build compelling landing pages that capture a minimal amount of data and that even prequalify leads. Make it simple. This is a superb example from Compendium.
  14. Measure how your leads are arriving? through syndication, social media, email newsletters, events, etc. This will allow you to figure out where you should be investing the most time!
  15. Watch referring domains, set goals, and monitor your conversion funnels!
  16. I?m Douglas Karr (Twitter: @douglaskarr), If you need help, contact me at Highbridge.

Oh… and I might add that I opened with a fantastic poke from Indianapolis to New Orleans regarding the Super Bowl. Needless to say my prediction went awry somewhere in the 4th quarter and the Saints fans let me know it on Sunday night!

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