Non-Profits: Cloud-Based Fundraising 3.0 with Bloomerang


Nonprofit donor management technology has long been mired in drab UI, poor UX and high costs. Bloomerang is flipping the script. Co-founded in 2012 by 30-year nonprofit sector and technology veteran Jay Love, the cloud-based fundraising software helps nonprofits manage their pool of donors.

Where Bloomerang differentiates itself is a focus on donor retention. While many nonprofit software programs allow fundraisers to solicit and input donations, Bloomerang also enables best practices for retaining those donors. If you dig into the data, that focus is clearly justified. The average donor retention rate for nonprofits is around 40%, which means that for every 1,000 donors acquired in year 1, only 400 make a second donation. That amounts to a lot of lost revenue for charity organizations.


When a user first logs on, their current donor retention rate is the first thing they say, keeping it top of mind for every fundraiser who uses the software. Bloomerang also track individual donor engagement, showing you at-a-glance how loyal a donor truly is. Fundraisers can focus on their most rabid fans or re-engage those who have lapsed. A national branding and design firm designed the interface, which represents a significant and welcomed departure from the seldom-updated, menu-based interfaces common amongst most legacy fundraising systems.


A unique social media integration allows users to input the social media accounts of their donors and communicate with them through their chosen channel. Later versions of the software will actually factor social media engagement into a donor’s engagement level. In other words, retweets, likes and shares of your nonprofit’s content will be logged in Bloomerang.

Bloomerang is looking for small-to-medium-sized nonprofits to use their software.

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