BlueConic: Collect, Unify, and Optimize the Customer Journey

blueconic platform

With the assistance of big data and streaming technologies, there's a new breed of marketing automation platforms that are providing a central warehouse, in real-time, where user interactions are captured on and offline and then marketing messaging and actions are applied to them. BlueConic is one such platform. Layered on your existing platforms, it collects and unifies your customer interactions and then assists you with producing meaningful marketing messaging.

The ability to react real-time and capture multiple data points assists companies in guiding their prospect or customer through the customer journey more efficiently and effectively. By focusing on the customer journey rather than your company, you can better influence buying decisions and, ultimately, increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Two core BlueConic processes, Continuous Profiling and Continuous Dialogues, enable you to deliver a communication stream that picks up the customer conversation from channel to channel. The BlueConic platform interoperates with any marketing technology stack; takes a dynamic and progressive approach to data management; and works in real-time, at scale.

From the Blueconic Product Page

  • User Data Collection – Collect and store both authenticated data, such as names and average order values, and anonymous behavioral data, like clickstreams and form inputs. All of these actions are unified in a single user profile and updated with each interaction.
  • Identity Association – Associate multiple profiles and merge them into one. Identity association is based on user behaviors and unique identifiers, and can even be determined by likelihood. Created by marketers, rules instantly associate disparate profiles.
  • Actionable Insights – Information allows marketers to review user interactions and transform actionable insights into new opportunities. Marketers can now discover new segments, observe changes in user behavior over time and create flexible dashboards to monitor cross-channel dialogues in real time.
  • Smart Segmentation – Allows marketers to segment groups of individual users as inbound data is captured. On-the-fly segmentation is made possible using criteria such as content consumption, real-time engagement scores, conversion rates, interaction frequency, and classic demographic or psychographic data.
  • Always-on Optimization – Continuously optimize interactions with individuals for conversions, product discovery, and/or greater engagement. The full interaction history of each user is available for instant optimization, fueling recommendations for groups of users within the same segment.
  • Campaign Consistency – Maintain consistency of campaigns and messages throughout the customer journey. This continuity requires echoing campaign responses in different messaging platforms, such as web, email, display, search and social.

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