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Book Release! Renée Pawlish: Nephilim, Genesis of Evil

For two and a half years I worked with Renée at a Newspaper Database Marketing firm in Denver, Colorado. Like many talented employees, Renée had creative outlets that blew me away. I was lucky enough and thrilled to read the transcripts of Renée’s first murder mystery book. It was an awesome read, fun and unpredictable!

Renée just wrote me and let me know she just launched her next book, Nephilim Genesis of Evil. Here’s the description:

A dark power described in Genesis revisits the small mountain town of Taylor Crossing. After witnessing an evil presence in New York City, Rory Callahan comes out West in search of answers, and finds a town succumbing to supernatural forces. Now, an evil prophesy may be fulfilled by the Nephilim.

First, congratulations to Renée! Next… for all you avid readers out there, be sure to get a copy! So far, the reviews are fantastic on Amazon and the copies are going fast! As for me… I’m going to send my copy to Renée for an autograph! Even if she is a Bronco’s fan.


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