Don’t Count out a Bookmarking Strategy

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Bookmarking sites have been popular for over a decade now. Digg is going through some significant pains right now but still harnesses a huge portion of the market. Stumbleupon, Reddit and Delicious still continue to grow year after year.

While sites like Facebook and Twitter are fantastic for promoting links in a timely manner through your personal social network, the number of visits will typically climb to a max and then fall to virtually nothing as the next wave of news items comes in. Bookmarking sites don’t die… they can resurrect old content or push the right content into a relevant user’s browser well beyond the wave that social media offers.

Social Bookmarking is still growing in popularity

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Four Tips to a great Bookmarking Strategy

  1. Use each of the sites by promoting links that are relevant to your audience and the topics you wish to build authority in. If you simply promote your own links, you’ll just look like a spammer and you’ll be largely ignored.
  2. Promote your accounts with each bookmarking site to your social network and your site’s visitors so they can connect with you in the site that they like to utilize.
  3. Don’t count out unpopular or new bookmarking engines. Often, you’ll find that the low number of users can benefit your own promotion. Early adopters typically have huge influence, so being found there can spread the word fast on your efforts.

Top Bookmarking Sites

  • Yahoo! Buzz – over 16 million monthly visitors.
  • Reddit – over 15 million monthly visitors.
  • StumbleUpon – over 15 million monthly visitors.
  • Delicious – over 5 million monthly visitors.
  • Mixx – over 2 million monthly visitors.
  • Fark – over 1.8 million monthly visitors.
  • Slashdot – over 1.7 million monthly visitors.
  • Newsvine – over 1.3 million monthly users.
  • Diigo – over 1.2 million monthly users.


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    Hi Kenan! I’ve written about Stumbleupon ( a bit but not all of the others. Each of them work differently… but the commonality is that they allow you to organize your bookmarks. Delicious has some great browser integrations so you can login from anywhere and see your bookmarks.

    By allowing you to bookmark a site, promote or share it with friends, tag it with relevant search terms, your site can be found easier by people with the same interests. Think of each of them as a ‘micro’ search engine with the most popular content being found the most and tons of traffic pushed to it.

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    Just bookmarked this post on Delicious.
    I wonder how many corporate tech marketers are using SU, Delicious and others?

    However, if Twitter & FB are being roped off to cubicle users by corp IT, perhaps the social bookmarking sites are another way to reach folks…

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