Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers

DIve Deep into EVERY piece of Content

As marketers, we’re always trying to gather intelligence about our customers’ behavior. Whether it’s through analyzing Google Analytics or looking at conversion patterns, it still takes a lot of time for us to go through these reports and make direct correlations for actionable insight.

I recently learned about Boomtrain through LinkedIn, and it piqued my interest. Boomtrain helps brand better communicate with their users by delivering 1:1 individualized experiences that drive deeper engagement, greater retention, and increase lifetime value. They are the intelligence layer that predicts the optimal content for your emails, website, and mobile app.

In essence, they help marketers solve for the 5 W’s:

  • Who: reach the right person
  • What: with the right content
  • When: at the right time
  • Where: optimized for each channel
  • Why: and understand underlying themes and drivers around content and user behavior

Dive Deep into EVERY user

What They Do

Boomtrain focuses on data integrity, analysis, and insights across two primary data sources for every client:

  1. They collect the onsite behavior of each user, known or anonymous and build unique digital fingerprints of each person.
  2. At the same time, Boomtrain analyzes all of the client’s onsite content at a deep semantic level to understand every piece of content the way the human mind would, making connections across topics, categories, and structure.

Using these to primary data sources, Boomtrain’s machine intelligence is able to create more intense user experiences at a 1:1 level across multiple channels by serving the content each person is most likely to love and share.

Main Dashboard Screen

Who They Help

Their ideal customers are publishers and content marketers who produce consistent amounts of content, both evergreen and time sensitive. Machine intelligence works better the more data it has – their average clients send at least 250,000 emails a month (multiple emails sent throughout the month to a large subscriber base) PLUS they have steady traffic to their sites.

Check out Boomtrain’s website to learn more.

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