Five Surefire Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversions


It goes without saying that the most efficient way to reach out and create an emotional connection with potential clients is through social media. One can find billions of users on various social media platforms; it would be such a huge waste not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. These days it’s all about wanting to be seen, heard, and felt, which is why almost everyone goes to their accounts to air their thoughts out.

One has to fully understand these social media platforms to come up with a strategy that will boost conversions. It can be very frustrating in the beginning since it takes some time for the expected results to materialize. The only way to go about it is to study how the platforms work and come up with a concrete plan before spending thousands of dollars on campaigns that are bound to fail.

The online world is rich with information on how to boost social media traffic and conversions but seeing how these can be overwhelming for people, we narrowed it down to five. Let’s start the ball rolling:

Play with the Visuals

There is logic behind the cliché, “a picture paints a thousand words”. Everything happens so fast these days and people no longer have the patience to finish reading a long essay. They want it fast, and one way to do this is through visuals. Infographics, presentations, videos, photos are proven to get a whopping 94% more views and shares compared to content that have zero visuals. And do you know what is more convenient about visual these days? You need not to be a pro and you can just create them with the help of online image tools. Visuals are also effective in getting an online user’s attention, which is what the whole point is about.

Identify the Target

Part of creating content that’s worthy of a click on the share button is identifying who the target audience is. Different sets of words appeal to people from different age brackets, professions, and interests, that’s why it’s crucial to know these personas. People have soft spots for businesses that they can resonate with, and one way to do this is by speaking their language. The deeper the understanding of the audience is, the easier it will be to create high-quality, share-worthy content.

The Wonders of Customer Support

Getting the customer’s attention is one thing, but knowing that there are people ready to help them and address their concerns is one of the sure-fire ways to get conversions. There are plenty of messaging services that allow businesses to connect with their online audiences at a personal level. People easily get turned off when their questions are not answered that’s why they favor companies who really take the time answer their queries. There are options to automate the responses, one has to be cautious when going for this method because it can also turn a customer off especially when the answers are not personalized or sound like they are coming from a machine.

Pressing the Right Buttons

Conversions are directly connected to call-to-action buttons. No matter how wonderful a content is, if the potential customer cannot find the call-to-action button, the conversion will not happen. These buttons fast track secure and seamless transactions, be it something as simple as going to the company’s website or buying a product. A process that requires multiple steps is deduced to just one click that’s why these buttons must be right at the top of the priority list when coming up with a social media campaign strategy.

Know What to Say

One strategic way of ranking at the top of the search results is by using the right keywords. These help boost a website’s organic search ranking, and is an important element in paid search advertising. Case in point: hashtags. These are important in making a content visible because they attract followers and non-followers, plus they can lead potential customers to the company’s website and buy a product.

Boosting conversions is all about consistency, a deep understanding of the social media platform, identifying who the target audience is, and knowing what words or images to use. People are quick to share content they can relate to, so it’s best to add a human or emotional element to the content. Take them for a ride.

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