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10 Social Media Tactics that Boost Shares and Conversions

Contrary to popular belief, social media marketing is more than just being consistent with your posts online. You have to come up with content that’s creative and influential – something that will make people want to take action. It may be as simple as someone sharing your post or start a conversion. A few likes and comments are not enough. Of course, the goal is to go viral but what should be done to achieve that?

In this article, we weigh in on social media strategies that amp up your social shares and conversions. How do we get people to do something about our posts? What will make them want to share the post? We are listing down some helpful tips for you:

Conduct Surveys

Human beings have the natural tendency of imposing their opinions on others. While that may seem annoying, you can use this to your advantage and conduct surveys! Social media platforms offer a poll or survey feature so make use of that. You can post about something as simple as what’s a better vacation spot, what you should drink, or if they think you should cut your hair or not. You can also use this to know more about their preferences by asking about colors, what activities they would rather do, or what services they want to have. The good thing about surveys is that they come off as random questions so people are not afraid to give their two cents.

Ask them to Join Contests

Most bloggers gained followers by initiating contests. This boosts your online presence, and you get conversions in an instant because your page visitors need to do something so they can be part of the competition. You can also use this opportunity to promote your page and improve not just the likes and shares but also the conversion rates.

Initiate Q&A Sessions

If you want to deepen your knowledge about the profile of the people who visit or randomly scroll past your posts, hold a question and answer session. This works because whether they admit it or not, people actually love it when someone asks for their opinion. A certain need is fulfilled when someone asks them for clarification. This is an excellent way for you to further understand the people in your network and come up with strategies that will help your future posts trend.

Get those Images Moving?

By that, we mean, upload videos. An image is great, but we cannot deny that a huge percentage of online users are more interested in video content. According to a study conducted by the Social Media Examiner we all know as Facebook, users consume a hundred million hours of watching videos every single day. Take advantage of this and boost your conversion rates by uploading more videos!

Share Statistics

Image Credit: Buffer Social

Post Frequently

If you only post once a week then it’s no wonder that your online presence is low. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is this: your social media engagement is directly connected to the frequency of your posts. Now, the frequency depends on the social media platform that you are using. If it’s Facebook, you can post at least once a day but if you’re using Twitter, you may need to post at least once every two hours to maintain your presence online.

Upload Infographics

With everything being so fast-paced, people have become very impatient. Fast food is easily picked over fine dining because people are no longer willing to wait for their food. The same goes for what we post online. If it’s too wordy, trust that people will just scroll past it. To solve this, convert that essay into an infographic. A visual representation of information in the form of different statistics, data, or comparisons are more enjoyed by the readers, thus an infographic is important. For creating graphics, you can drop by tools like Canva and get inspiration on how to create infographics that not only grab attention but also boost conversions.


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then so upload GIF animations or memes whenever you can. You can do this to poke some humor at your post.  Now, this is not just about making people laugh; it’s also about showing people that you are approachable that you have some humor in you. Funny people are always easy to relate to. You will be surprised at how fast the shares and conversions will increase once you upload a meme.

Make it Easy for People to Share Your Posts

One of the most common mistakes that publishers make is to upload content and expect people to find where the share button is located. Whether you’re on a social media platform or a website, make sure that your social sharing buttons are visible.

Be Quick When Replying to Messages

Make sure that you reply to messages and comments instantly. People have low attention spans and they lose interest when someone takes too long to answer their questions. By responding to messages immediately, you give the impression that you are active online and that you can cater to their needs at any time. You can also activate auto-replies to let them know that you saw their message and you will respond to them the moment you’re available. That is still better compared to the “seen” that pops on the message box because that will make them feel that you are intentionally ignoring them.

Always Show Kindness

Think of the social media accounts that you follow. Why do you follow them? Be the type of social media account that you constantly want to get updates from. Always engage in conversations, and tag people that you quote because this will make them feel that you value and respect them. Put a premium on content creation, and promote others especially if you think that their work is something your followers will like. Be generous with sharing stories, insights, information, things that will be valuable to your followers. When you are not afraid to promote others, your followers will feel this and will make them want to share your posts even more.

Rekha Pant

Rekha Pant, is an IT professional, B.Tech from RGPV University, Bhopal, India. Along with her IT profession, she has also evolved herself to become a fluent writer covering different topics in Digital Communication, Education, Marketing and IT. With her rare talent, she has published ace blog pieces as a guest on many websites.

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