Borders Rewards Math

I’ve had a Borders Rewards card for a while and just got an email that I have a bunch of money I can spend. I got online and registered with their website. At that point, they wanted to thank me for the registration and have rewarded me with one of three choices:

  1. 20% off one item when I spend $20 or more
  2. A free 12oz hot beverage
  3. $10 when I spend $50 or more

Does anyone else find it funny that #1 and #3 are the same? If I spend $50, shouldn’t the incentive be more than 20%?

Borders Coupon

Maybe it’s just me. I appreciate it, though! And… I do really love Borders!


  1. 1
  2. 2

    That’s why the title is ‘borders rewards math’, that is, there is never any benefit to taking the $10 off on $50 or more coupon.

  3. 3

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