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Ever felt constrained when sending large files of information across prospects, clients or business partners? FTP never really caught on as a popular or user-friendly option, and email attachments have their own limitations and bottlenecks. Having shared directories on internal file servers limited access and made more work for IT teams internal.

The rise of cloud computing now offers a convenient solution, and among the various cloud based offerings that allows storing, managing and sharing content online, as easy as sending an email, is Box. What sets Box apart from the rest is its ability to leverage two basic, yet time-tested principles as its unique selling proposition – simplicity and speed.

Box provides everything needed to store and collaborate content online. All it takes is typing in a few basic details to open an account and then dragging folders, even media files, into the shared online workspace. Simply sending out the link of the folder location through an email or an instant message, from Box or your email client, allows others to view, edit, or upload files, engage in discussions on the content, and more.

Box makes advanced and complex options remarkably simple. For instance, it makes version control seamless by using the same sharing link even when newer versions are uploaded. The account owner gets detailed, real-time activity feed of the happenings centered on the content. The robust permission options and reporting capabilities provide complete control over content, and the string encryption and other security features ensure fool-proof security. Box integrates with Google Apps and Salesforce, and is retrievable from mobile devices.

Box comes in three versions: Box for Personal with 5 GB free storage, Box for Business, and Box for Enterprise at $15/user/month for up to 2 GB storage each.

Box labels its service as Simple Online Collaboration. I think this is a tiny bit of a stretch as the actual collaboration capabilities are a bit limited; however, it is a robust enterprise-capable file sharing system that small companies can start with and grow all the way through to enterprise with. Marketing teams may find the tool extremely useful to organize and share proofs, content, and other documentation associated with a company.

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    I’ve been a Box user for quite some time. While it lacks some features of competing services like Dropbox (a reliable desktop sync client for one), I’ve found its simplicity more than makes up for what it lacks. 

    One great feature is the ability to add extra storage when you recommend the service to others. For every recommended user who signs up, you get 5 gigs of extra storage. I’m up to 50 gigs (!) at this point, so I’m totally invested in Box.

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