Precision Geographic and Data-Driven Display Advertising

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Yesterday I had lunch with good friend Troy Bruinsma, an accomplished sales and marketing executive. Several years ago, we worked on direct mail campaigns for Troy when he worked for a cable company. Utilizing data cleansing, his customer data, their subscription data, demographic data and a TON of work… we were able to profile their current customers and identify, by household, which families were more or less likely to subscribe to specific cable packages or channels. It was an incredible strategy!

Fast forward and now Troy is working for Valassis, and introduced me to what they’ve been working on with has a digital marketing solution that comprises an unmatched array of 2,000+ proprietary and syndicated data sources – compiled into a single ad network platform.

With, advertisers are empowered to reach their targeted audiences at scale across quality, high-impact display, video and mobile environments. consistently exceeds the campaign objectives that matter most to brand advertisers, providing success through online engagement, awareness and offline purchase.

The system is so refined that it even breaks down into Advertising Targeting Zones… basically IP address regions that will allow advertisers to display advertising in micro-targeted geographic zones. As Troy explained, this could provide an auto dealership to profile their customer and display advertising on relevant sites throughout their ad network specifically to people within distance of their location.

Wow… imagine that! The advertising network was developed to identify, target and connect advertisers to their best prospects.

What do you think?

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