Marketers: Recognize These Behaviours Central to British Buying

British Buying Behavior

Did you see what I did there? This Midwesterner used the British spelling of behaviour rather than behavior. I just wanted to prove to everyone how worldly I am… or not. I've actually never been to the United Kingdom despite Scottish and British heritage on my Mum's side of the family. (See that? I did it again!)

Ok, humour aside (doh!), this is some great information captured by CM Brand. I actually believe this is probably a more accurate depiction of urban purchasing behavior here in the United States as well.

Understanding consumer behaviour is not just about finding out what products or promotional gifts appeal to a demographic. From a marketer’s perspective, it should be about getting down to specifics like why a customer acts a certain way in a unique gift store, how people share information with each other, and what cultural or societal influences are at work in shaping their perceptions. 

Here's a rundown of behaviors to keep in mind as you're developing your marketing strategies abroad (and even here):

  • UK Shoppers are Loyal – capture their data, keep in touch, and personalize marketing efforts.
  • UK Shoppers Value Free, Reliable Delivery and Product Returns – resolve delivery issues and provide free returns to thrive in online retail.
  • UK Shoppers Research Products Online  – ensure customers can find information about your products online through search, social, and a comprehensive product-focused site.
  • Stores Are Still Essential to the Brit's Buying Journey – Integrate your online and offline stores for a seamless shopping experience and reward in-store purchases and loyalty.
  • Product Knowledge of Sales Associates and Ability to See Products Are Important – Provide a smooth in-store experience to customers by investing in training and developing in-store sales representatives.
  • Millennial Brits Seek Validation from Social Networks – Increase your brand's presence on social media.
  • Mobile Shopping is Valuable to Younger Consumer Groups – Improve your website's mobile experience to increase conversion rates for younger shoppers.

Here's the brilliant infographic, Brits’ Buying Habits and Behaviours Marketers Need to Know.

UK Buying Habits

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