How to Let Your Pizza… er… Product Sell Itself Online

brozinni pizza

A good friend of mine, James, owns Brozinni Pizzeria. I’m not going to mess around – it’s honestly the best New York style pizza in Indy. James has helped us out quite a bit, bringing his amazing Indianapolis pizza truck to a fundraiser last year and catering an upcoming event this week we’re having. In return, we set out to design a site for him.

When we set out to design the site, we knew that there was only one thing that mattered – letting the food do the talking. Pizza is the perfect food for photos – with amazing colors that you can practically smell just by looking. Why would you hide images in tiny frames throughout a site full of navigation, sidebars, and other wasted space? Working with James and his team, we decided to update and modify an amazing restaurant theme that’s extremely affordable.

We could have built a custom theme – but honestly it’s just not worth the effort anymore. Theme designers are just doing an amazing job building flexible themes that sell by the thousands but that can be highly customized as we did with Brozinni’s site. The theme comes with all the amenities:

  • Photoshop files in the event you wish to customize the original graphics utilized.
  • Parallax layouts that are fun to navigate and provide a higher level of sophistication.
  • Responsive designs that look as beautiful on a mobile or tablet as they do on a desktop.
  • Shortcuts that allow for buttons, horizontal dividers, icons and columnar layouts.
  • Child theme built in so that you don’t have to go through and customize the core theme – which are often updated with support or security releases.

The domain was hosted on Network Solutions so we decided to go with WordPress hosting there… a big mistake. We literally ran out of bandwidth just updating the theme files! When I requested assistance from their support team, they wanted to upsell me on technical support and have me call back in working hours. Ugh.

I bit the bullet and put the site on the full hosting plan, compressed all the images using Kraken, and then configured WP Rocket to help speed up the site. We’ll see how it performs over the next few weeks before we decide if we need to move it to a better host.

Bottom line: It wasn’t very difficult nor expensive to build a unique site with a great theme and average hosting. We’ll keep an eye out now on how well the site performs with search, social, and carryout orders!


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    Douglas – The restaurants website looks amazing, however based on the article title I was hoping to be able to go to the menu and see what each food dish looks like in photos! Instead it was the “single platform menu” I’d love to chat with you about how is helping change this and help the restaurants manage their menus online with photos to showcase the food like you said, let the food do the talking!

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